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Sunday 17th February 2019

Derick Dillard Fights Back After Jill Duggar Is Accused of Lying

"Believe me," Derick says.

Derick Dillard took to Twitter to defend his wife, Jill Duggar Dillard, after it was said that she wasn't actually a midwife.

The Duggar family's first TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, showed Jill learning to be a midwife and providing care to pregnant women.

But now, some are claiming it was "all a lie."

Credit: Instagram/@jillmdillard)

Jill Dillard shared this photo of a baby she delivered in 2015. (Credit: Instagram/@jillmdillard)

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The controversy started last week, when Derick got into a Twitter argument over the separation of church and state.

Things got heated when a fan wrote: "I have been told by 2 different people a family member and a friend that has known them for years that Jill is not a midwife and that it's all a lie."

Derick responded: "Jill is a midwife; I drove her to take her final test, which certified her. So, even if you choose to believe lies, at least believe me when I say she is a Certified Professional Midwife."

But a fan pointed out that Jill's name didn't appear to be on a midwife listing provided by the state of Arkansas.

A user named Nicole wrote to Derick: "Why do you continue to lie? She is not on the list of certified midwives or midwife apprentices."

But regardless of whether or not she's on a list, Jill wrote about her experience training as a midwife for the Dillard family blog in 2014, shortly after she married Derick and before her two sons were born.

She even posted a photo holding her certification.

(Credit: Instagram/@jillmdillard)

Jill and Derick, posing with Jill's certificate. (Credit: Instagram/@jillmdillard)

She explained that after assisting Arkansas midwife Venessa Giron in a number of births, she decided to get certified.

"I ended up enrolling in a midwifery school in Texas, where I was required to take classes via distance learning and go there once every few months for a few days of training and tests, while studying with Venessa and a few other midwives to get my hands on experience," she wrote.

She added: "I had finished my clinicals by the time I got married, and decided to switch back to the self-paced study track for the next year-and-a-half so I wouldn't have to do as much traveling and so I could prepare for my big exam."

The nose ring can clearly be seen in another photo Jill posted recently. (Instagram/@jillmdillard)

It seems like Jill hasn't worked as a midwife recently. (Credit: Instagram/@jillmdillard)

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"I took one more online midwifery study prep course thru Mercy-In-Action this year before taking and passing my 7 hour exam," she concluded.