Denise Welch wows fans with curvy bikini-clad figure

Age is just a number!

Denise Welch is known for being confident in her own skin, and with her latest photos she has proven you can still look amazing at 59-years-old!

Denise shared some holiday snaps while she’s currently in Crete, flaunting her bikini-clad figure with a big smile on her face.

Credit: Twitter
Denise wasn’t afraid to flaunt her curves (Credit: Twitter)

Her smie radiates confidence and it’s great to see that she’s not afraid to flaunt her curvy figure.

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Posing in bright bikinis with the sea in the background Denise wowed fans with her pictures, with many saying she looked “gorgeous”.

She posted the sunny snaps to her Twitter page and received lots of comments about how great she looked, from some of her 411,000 followers.

One of her followers said: “That tan! That bikini! Fabulous!” While another said: “Looking HOT!”

A third commented: “Wish I had your body you look ace.”

Credit: Twitter
Denise was beaming with confidence (Credit: Twitter)

Many others said she looked “beautiful”. Aw isn’t that sweet! Sounds like she has some lovely followers.

Denise Welch was caught up in a bit of controversy lately as she and former Loose Women panelist Carol McGiffin accused the show of purposely leaving them out of the 18th birthday celebrations.

Loose Women turned 18 recently, but Denise and Carol were nowhere to be seen even though many of the show’s past hosts returned for the celebrations.

Denise tweeted her annoyance while on holiday. The actress and former CBB winner raged in response to those demanding to know why she was absent from the party.

Credit: Twitter
The former Loose Women star is on holiday in Crete (Credit: Twitter)

She said: “Thank you all for asking. I’m in Greece having a wonderful time. But no, I wasn’t asked to be part of Loose Women’s celebrations.”

She added: “It was time for me to leave four years ago but sad to have been airbrushed when you share your life for ten years.”

Denise left the show when a new producer decided to take it in a different direction.

Back in 2013 she announced to the Mirror: “I’ve quit. I was hurt that the changes were made and kept secret and the person responsible for the decisions hadn’t come and talked to me about it.

Denise said she wasn’t invited onto Loose Women’s recent birthday episode (Credit: WENN)

“Every show needs a shake up but the way she’s going I’ve felt my wings have been clipped.

“I feel the way the show is going is losing the fun of it.”

Carol McGiffin took to Twitter to respond to those who wondered why she had only appeared on the celebration show as just a picture.

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“You’re not the only one to have noticed,” she said. “It’s not like they didn’t have a lot material to choose from.”

“Maybe it’s because we (the old gang) left and the show stopped winning awards. Who knows?”

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