Denise Welch takes a swipe at Loose Women rival Coleen Nolan

These two have got major "beef"

These two just can’t keep their mouths shut…

Denise Welch made a jibe at her former friend Coleen Nolan and said she is “good at the passive aggressive things”.

The 58-year-old appeared on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side to chat about the current CBB series and things ended up getting a bit personal.

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The pair, who used to be friends and were on Loose Women together, famously fell out in 2013.

Host of the Channel 5 show Rylan Clark-Neal asked Denise about Coleen and her tendency to discuss people behind their backs.

Prompting her to spill the beans, he said: “You know her better than anyone, come on.”

This was met with a few seconds of silence and a telling look on her face that led the entire audience to shout “Ooooh” in a dramatic tone.

Laughing, Denise then tried to explain how she felt by saying: “I think she has got a stategy.

“Coleen is very good at the passive aggressive things.

“Like going in the garden and hearing stuff, and coming back in and saying ‘Oh god, you would die if you heard what they’re saying about you!'”

Oh dear…

These comments come shortly after the ladies of Loose Women were discussing their thoughts on how Coleen might cope in the house.

The 51-year-old has had a difficult few months battling to save her marriage to Ray Fensome so some are saying that it might have been bad timing for her to leave him.

Speaking about the Nolan Sister’s decision to enter the house, Jane Moore said:  “I was quite surprised because leading up to Christmas she said her and Ray were having problems and they were trying to sort things out.

“I thought that she was quite vulnerable to go in somewhere like that.”

Nadia Sawalha also appeared rather fearful of her friend: “It was a very different thing last time she was in and now they [producers] have ratcheted it up, the crowds are hungry for blood and the psychological games.

“I am worried for her because I do think she is going to get a shock.”

Viewers had to take to Twitter straight away to share their opinions.

One said: “Mmmm what’s gone on there @NolanColeen and @RealDeniseWelch throwing shade xx hope you haven’t both fell out xx”

Another said: “RealDeniseWelch throws @NolanColeen under the bus on #CBBBOTS…”

People commented on the “beef”.

In the past, Coleen has claimed that celebrities who suffer from depression, including Denise Welch had not helped their mental states by taking drugs

Obviously I feel sorry for anyone who, through no fault of their own, suffers depression.

“But I’d like to know how many celebs with a chemical imbalance in their brains have used drugs.

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Before adding controversially about her ‘friend’: “Is it a coincidence Stephen Fry, Kerry Katona and Denise Welch have all admitted to cocaine use and are now bipolar, while others suffered ­depression and breakdowns?”

Denise then had to retaliate of course, and said in the Birmingham Mail: “I’m not bipolar and I have made no secret of the fact that my descent into the hell of self-medication was a result of suffering depression and not the cause of it.

“The fact that Ms Nolan had not heard of bipolar until a few years ago makes her unqualified to talk about the illness she clearly has no understanding of.”

Oh, ladies!!

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