Denise Welch slams Piers Morgan’s “disgraceful” message about mental health

She said his post made her emotional

Denise Welch has lashed out at Piers Morgan after he tweeted about Mental Health Awareness Week.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers took to Twitter on Monday to urge “high profile people” to talk about their “mental strength, resilience and explaining how they achieve it” as it’s more “useful than celebrity self-pitying ‘woe is me’ wallowing”.

However, Denise – who has spoken openly about her own mental health issues – hit back and said Piers’ post made her emotional.

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Piers wrote: “As it’s apparently #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek (isn’t that every week these days?) can we please have some high profile people talking about their mental strength & resilience & explaining how they achieve it?

“Far more useful than celebrity self-pitying ‘woe is me’ wallowing.”

Denise screenshotted the post and wrote: “This actually makes me cry. To all of us who suffer from debilitating, isolating, crippling depression, let’s just pull ourselves together!”

A fan replied: “My best advice for strength and resilience is ignore [bleep] bags like Piers Morgan.”

Denise said: “No, I won’t ignore him. If we do, nothing changes. Piers Morgan’s attitude to mental trauma is disgraceful and tormenting.”

Another fan pointed out that celebrities opening up about their mental health issues can help others dealing with the same problems not feel alone.

Denise replied: “Despite @piersmorgan I will keep ‘harping on about my myriad woes’ because of this very reason.”

Piers received much criticism for his tweet, especially from fellow celebrities.

TV presenter Charlie Webster replied to his tweet, writing: “Piers, I do. I got help & still do by seeing a clinical psychologist, this is on the NHS as I couldn’t afford private help when I came out of hospital.

“Anybody who is struggling with mental health, it isn’t as simple as talking, I couldn’t talk to start with. I needed pro help.”

Piers replied: “People need to be coached into how to be mentally stronger, just as we coach everything else in life.

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“Far too many celebrities whining about their very privileged lives to get good press, jobs & £££. They’re just encouraging people to be weak & self-pitying.”

Meanwhile, Denise has opened up about her battle with depression on several occasions.

Earlier this year, she decided to speak out to help others who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks.

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