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Denise Welch likens 2020 to a horror movie after national lockdown announcement

Denise is known for her strong views on coronavirus!

Denise Welch has compared 2020 and the latest lockdown to a horror movie.

The actress and Loose Women star, 62, made the comparison shortly after the second national lockdown was announced.

While taking to social media, she shared a humorous quote about famed horror movie and author Stephen King.

Sharing in view of her some 487,000 Twitter followers, the quote reads: “Apparently this year is being written by Stephen King.”

Her fans flocked to reply to her sentiments.

denise welch
Denise has been outspoken on her lockdown opinions (Credit: SplashNews)

How has Denise Welch reacted to the new lockdown?

Accordingly, one Twitter user agreed with: “It’s all a getting ridiculous now. When will this farce end. I bet Eat out to Help Out will return in December. It’s a vicious circle x.”

Meanwhile others shared their sadness at the new lockdown, which will begin on Thursday and last until 2 December.

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One user lamented: “My depression has gone through the roof. I am always crying, none stop.”

Another user complained: “I am terrified about how this will affect my mental health.”

Additional users jokingly disagreed, arguing that Stephen King would come up with a better story.

denise welch on this morning
Denise Welch thinks the government has handled lockdown and the pandemic poorly (Credit: ITV)

What has Denise Welch said about coronavirus?

One user teased: “At least his novels have an ending!! Not one in sight from these numpties.”

While another user shared: “Nah he would write it so much more beautifully. It’s being written by a five year old…”

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Thirdly a user joked: “No. He’s far too intelligent to write this BLEEP show. Even he couldn’t make this up.”

Denise Welch has been fairly quiet on social media recently, after she vowed to take a breather back in September.

The star said she was mercilessly trolled after she shared her opinions on the government’s handling of the pandemic on This Morning.

She even had Piers Morgan lash out at her on Twitter, and he called her a ‘Covidiot’.

During her This Morning interview she accused the government of ‘scaremongering’ the British public.

Here she claimed: “I’ve never felt so passionate about anything in my life.

“I’m not saying this is over. I’m not saying how horrendous this virus is and was.

“But at the moment we have a one in two million chance of dying of Covid and I have a one in three chance of getting cancer. So can the Government please tell us the proper statistics?”

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