Denise Welch breaks down in tears as she opens up about depression

The former Loose Woman recalled her crippling struggle

Denise Welch broke down in tears as she spoke about how her battle with depression left her unable to feel love for her son Matt Healy.

Matt, the singer in band The 1975, is Denise’s eldest child with her first husband, actor Tim Healy.

And Denise revealed that after the 28-year-old was born, she suffered from crippling postnatal depression which left her unable to feel anything.

Speaking at BUILD LDN, Denise said: “When Matthew was born I had an immediate rush of love like you expect to have for your child.

“And when the depression set in I lost the ability to love him because it robs you of every emotion.”

Breaking down in tears as she spoke, Denise explained: “I didn’t have any feeling for anything.”

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The 59-year-old has been a big advocate for mental health issues, regularly discussing the problems she has faced over the years.

And she went on to reassure other people who might be suffering from depression that things can and do change and get better.

“With the right help it will lift,” she said.

“And the sun will come out again and you will love again.”

Denise also revealed that one of Matty’s songs – She Lays Me Down – was written about that time in their lives.

He was inspired to write the lyrics by Denise’s struggle and how she used music to help her cope.

“I used to lie down next to [Matty] and pray to something to help me regain the love of my child,” she explained.

The former Loose Woman had previously spoken about how going through menopause had helped with her depression, which she had learned stemmed from a hormone imbalance.

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“I’ve learned to live with depression and it’s like a very unwelcome guest who I’ve got better at tolerating because I know the guest will leave in a short space of time,” she said in an interview with Happiful magazine.

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