Delight as Hollyoaks’ Nancy finally peels off that hat and wig

She's been sporting the combo for some time - and now we know why!

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Okay, so Hollyoaks fans have been gripped for weeks as to who murdered Amy Barnes.

With so many suspects around the village, we just can’t quite work out who did it and our minds are spinning!

Who killed Amy Barnes hasn’t been the ONLY question we’ve been asking? (Credit: Channel 4)

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But alongside that brainteaser, there has been another mystery that Hollyoaks viewers have been trying to get their heads around – why the hell has Nancy Osborne – aka actress Jessica Fox – been wearing those big hats and blonde wigs?

Has she been trying to start a new fancy hat and wig trend that hasn’t yet caught on?

Jessica Fox or is it Kate Thornton? What is that wig and hat combo about? (Credit: Channel 4)

Is she bald as a coot?

Or is she on the run from the police after committing some nefarious crime?

Why on earth has Nancy been wearing those wigs and hats! (Credit: Channel 4)

Well, in last night’s episode, Hollyoaks viewers were able to breathe a sigh of relief as the answer was finally revealed.

It was none of the above. Nancy’s just dyed her naturally brunette locks a rather lovely shade of red-orange.

Ah… So Nance has gone red. (Credit: Channel 4)

Not only were viewers left stunned by the shocking new look, so were her Hollyoaks village mates, Courtney, Tegan and Leela Lomax, who all looked on with admiration.

However, Nancy actually didn’t really explain to them why she had undergone such a drastic change, dismissing it with a “I fancied a change!”.

“I fancied a change!” Nancy told her mates. But is there another reason? (Credit: Channel 4)

Knowing Hollyoaks, we reckon there is still a secret reason why she’s done what she has, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, show fans were thrilled to finally see Nancy ditching the wig and hat combo!

“Finally Nancy got rid of that terrible wig and hat combo on @e4hollyoaks. Much better,” one fan squealed with glee.

Apparently the actress died her hair and was waiting for it to be written int the show. (Credit: Channel 4)

Another said: “YAY the real hair is revealed and the hats are gone! Finally.”

A third avid viewer gushed: “Finally we don’t have to see Nancy wearing those huge ass hats anymore,” whole a fourth exclaimed: “Nancy’s hair colour is everything!”

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Aww, aren’t Hollyoaks viewers easily pleased.

As we said, stay tuned to see if there is another reason for Nancy’s new hair or if it is – as rumoured –  just because Jess Fox fancied a change in real life and had to wait for the scriptwriters to write it into the show.