Dec Donnelly’s mum opens up about heartache over Ant McPartlin’s addiction battle

Anne said Ant is "like a son" to her

Declan Donnelly’s mum Anne has revealed she was left upset after discovering her son’s best pal Ant McPartlin’s addiction battle.

Ant, 41, checked himself into rehab back in June following a two-year alcohol and substance abuse addiction.

Anne revealed she was left “upset that he had been in so much pain” and she’s “proud” of him for admitting his problems and getting the help he needed.

Credit: Instagram
Dec’s mum admitted she treats Ant like her own son (Credit: Instagram)

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Anne revealed she first found out about Ant’s secret battle after reading newspapers.

She said: “We didn’t know how he was doing until we read about it.

“He has done so well, and we are all so proud of him.”

“We are all so happy with the news. I’m really proud of Ant.”

Ant recently opened up for the first time about his battle in an interview with The Sun.

Ant and Dec are the best of friends (Credit: FameFlynet)

Ant revealed that doctors had told him that if he carried on the way he was he would have killed himself.

The Geordie favourite admitted: “I was at the point where anything — prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs — I would take.

“And take them with alcohol, which is ridiculous. The doctors told me, ‘You could have killed yourself’.”

The star revealed that after he was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster hospital with excruiciating pain from an ongoing knee injury he knew he had to tell wife Lisa and Dec about his secret issues.

Ant continued: “Coming out of Chelsea and Westminster, that was when we sat down and it was decided I needed to go into rehab.

“Dec came around and he kind of knew it was at the point where I needed help.

Ant revealed his addiction almost killed him (Credit: Wenn)

“Once I admitted I was in a bad way, they then helped get a team together because obviously I wasn’t in a fit state to do it myself.”

“We had an hour’s conversation then I packed my bag and I went.

“I’m lucky because I have the means to do that. But there are a lot of people who don’t. So I’m very grateful,” he added.

At the weekend Ant took to Twitter for the first time since going into rehab to thank fans for their incredible support.

He tweeted: “Have to say I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s love, support and well wishes today. Thank you one and all. I’m sending all my love back. A xxx.”

Ant is finally back on the road of recovery but he revealed that the past few months have put a strain of his marriage with make-up artist Lisa.

During the interview he told The Sun: “I’ve put Lisa through hell with mood swings and depression and how it affects you.

“I’m very sorry about the effect it has on partners.

“This kind of stuff puts strains on any marriage. In hindsight, I should have mentioned it earlier but you’re embarrassed about it.”

When asked if he thought his marriage could survive this dark episode in his life, he replied: “All I can say at the moment is that she’s been amazing — fantastic throughout.

The presenter admitted his addictions has put a strain on his marriage with Lisa (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“And we’re good. I was desperately worried about Lisa in rehab.

“But they start introducing phone calls after a few weeks.

“Lisa’s been very supportive. As has Dec. Time will tell (about the marriage). It’s very personal, isn’t it.”

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