Dec Donnelly REMOVED from I’m A Celeb set after heated debate

Presenter's thoughts were disagreeable

They’re at it again!

I’m A Celebrity presenters Ant and Dec have got caught up in a bit of a heated debate…. about dunking biscuits!

Martin Roberts caused a right kerfuffle in the jungle when he claimed that you couldn’t dunk a Jammy Dodger, which both campmates and viewers disagreed with.

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When the scene ended, obviously Ant and Dec had to get involved.

“Hey what are they going on about ‘you can’t dunk a Jammie Dodger’?” Dec said.

“Course you can dunk a Jammie Dodger! Course you can.”

Spotting the biccy and cuppa on the table, Dec picked it up, dunked it and said: “You can just get one and dunk it. What is the worst thing that is gonna happen if you dunk it?”

“Some crumbs in your team?” Ant said.

Dec agreed and said: “The worst thing that can possibly happen is you get a few crumbs in your tea, watch.”

Uh, NOPE. Wrong decision.

Two beefy security guards rushed in and carried Dec away from the set.

Luckily, it was all a complete joke and he came on to present a little later on.

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Last week, they caused more draaama in Australia.

Everyone lost the plot when their favourite hosts were SEPARATED on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

It was outrageous when Ant & Dec were forced to present the show on their own.

It makes us all realise that we hardly ever see them apart.

As everybody was tweeting about it, ITV released an official statement to apologise to fans.

They took to social media and said: “OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Last night we made a mistake. We apologise to the nation. We promise we will NEVER split @antanddec again #ImACeleb”

They ensured that they will NEVER do it again.