Debbie McGee shares pic to reveal who she’s replaced Giovanni Pernice with

She has a new partner

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She’s currently in panto in York playing the good fairy Adorabella Marigold Angelpie in Beauty and the Beast, but it seems Strictly is still very much on Debbie McGee’s mind.

Careful you don’t break it… (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing a photo to Instagram of her on stage with James Harris, one of her panto co-stars, Debbie was in a playful mood as she captioned the pic: “Giovanni has changed a bit.”

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The shot saw Debbie and James mid dance-move, with James holding her leg aloft – so not such a departure from her most recent gig, when she wowed the Strictly audiences with her boundless energy and amazing flexibility.

Actor James was obviously flattered to have been likened to the dance pro, quickly posting a cheeky response to Debbie’s caption.

“Hahaha I’m happy to be compared to that fabulous Italian any day!” he wrote.

Debbie in a previous leg-up sitch (Credit: BBC)

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Commentators have said that Debbie’s Strictly stint obviously put her in very good stead for her role in Beauty and the Beast, with reviewers complimenting her amazing moves in the festive family stage show.

The former magician’s assistant stars alongside Antony Costa from boy band Blue, and former Corrie actor Ken Morley in the pantomime, and despite being 59 years old, has impressed audiences with her vitality and dance prowess, which has included high kicking routines and mid-air splits.

Who knew Strictly would be a warm up for panto? (Credit: BBC)

Her hugely successful time on Strictly meant she had to delay her starting date in York, with an understudy taking on the role of Adorabella for a day until Debbie was able to don her fairy wings and pick up her wand on the 17th of December – just a day after competing in the Strictly final.

Throughout her time on Strictly, the wife of the late Paul Daniels was dogged by rumour and innuendo about romance blossoming with dance pro Giovanni.

Fairy Debbie waves good bye to all those rumours (Credit: Facebook)

Social media went into meltdown when the pair were caught sharing a friendly kiss, and much between the lines reading was done when Debbie ‘fessed up that they had a very special friendship, but made it clear in an interview that while they loved each other they were not in love.

Oh, come on, did anyone really think they were?