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Emmerdale: Debbie Dingle reunites with Joe Tate

Precisely zero people will be pleased about this

They’re not exactly the Dales’ answer to Romeo and Juliet with their toxic relationship history but it looks like Debbie Dingle and Joe Tate will be having another shot at a relationship next week when some modelling – that’s actual making models not posing for photos – leads to passion.

Considering he initially used her to exact a vicious revenge plan on her mother and then tried to win her back by blackmailing her – you’d think Debbie would steer well clear of Joe.

Debbie falls for Joe’s charms again (Credit: ITV)

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And considering she paid someone to attack him, which unfortunately led to Ross Barton having acid thrown in his face, it’s hard to believe that Joe would want to be with Debbie either.

But romance isn’t totally dead – after all Joe did pay the acid attacker Simon McManus £100k to keep Debbie’s name out of the court case. So that’s sweet.

Anyway the pair end up getting back together when Joe invites Debbie over to Home Farm.

Although she’s pretty narked at first when she realises he’s actually invited her over to help him build a model airplane. We kid you not.

And it seems the way to Debbie’s heart is through miniature aircraft. Which is something we never expected to write.

Despite acting like an ice queen when she arrives and gets started on the project, it’s not long before she’s fallen for Joe’s considerable charms again and begins to follow him upstairs.

Debbie and Joe reunite next week (Credit: ITV)

But are the pair about to be caught out? And by whom?

And how will Debbie’s family react when they find out she’s hooking back up with the Dales’ hottest villain – this time out of her own free will?

Later in the week, the newly reunited couple begin to worry about their shared brother Noah’s neediness about spending time with Joe.

Is he scared of losing him after last week’s brush with death at the quarry?

Debbie and Joe worry about Noah (Credit: ITV)

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Or is it something to do with the way mum Charity has been acting lately? And will he get that Joe and Debbie want some alone time together?

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