Dean Gaffney has turned over a new leaf says ‘father-in-law’

The womaniser has been tamed. Apparently.

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Hard as it may be to believe, Dean Gaffney used to be a bit of a ladies man.

Yes really!

But then as you know, that’s what happens when you get famous and pocket a load of dosh.

You suddenly become irresistibly attractive.

Not that we’re saying Dean’s not a looker or anything.

On a scale of Piers Morgan to George Clooney, he’s probably somewhere in between.

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So when he got famous after starting out on EastEnders years ago, our Dean went on the rampage and enjoyed a lot of girls – sometimes several at the same time.

But now just shy of 40, Dean, who has blossomed with age, seems to have had a change of life and has seriously settled down with 23 year old Rebekah Ward.

The pair are so loved up they’ve just celebrated their year’s anniversary in Cape Verde.

Not only has he managed to get the lass of his dreams under his spell, he’s also won over her dad.

‘He seems like he’s turned over a new leaf,” dad Merlay Wood told The People. “They’re having a happy relationship.”

Which is what any father wants for his daughter, right?

Last year, Dean said in an interview that he had been addicted to women like ‘a drug’ and that he had cheated on his long term girlfriend Sarah Burge many many times.

“Women were my drug and now, looking back, I’m ashamed of my past,” he said at the time.

‘How many times did it happen? I couldn’t put a finger on it.’

“Whenever Sarah confronted me about my cheating, I’d just deny, deny, deny. She loved me so much, she wanted to believe me.”

Although Dean’s daughters Charlotte and Chloe are just two years younger than their future step-mum, they seem to have no problem with the relationship.

In fact, they have been pictured various times having a whale of time out and about – probably because they have lots in common.

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However, when the pic emerged a few weeks back, some social media commentators (i.e. gobby troublemakers) pointed out that his daughters looked very much like Dean’s new girlfriend.

We wonder what they were trying to say!

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