Dean Gaffney angrily denies latest EastEnders gossip surrounding him

Don't believe everything you read, he reckons

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The nation rejoiced last week when EastEnders legend Robbie Jackson returned to Albert Square from soap wilderness.

And what a treat it was to see Dean Gaffney’s cheeky mush back in Walford where it belongs.

His return, along with screen sister Sonia, was the brainchild of show producer Sean O’Connor and Dean was mighty grateful!

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However, when news emerged that Sean had left the series suddenly, rumours were rife that Dean was in fear of being ditched.

Why? Because the show runner coming in to replace Sean is John Yorke, the man who axed Robbie the first time around.

It was reported that Dean had told friends on the show that he was worried that John would once again write his character out.

But Dean has now spoken out and rubbished those rumours and says he is really looking forward to his future on a new look EastEnders.

‘This is the type of rubbish that Robbie used to sweep up on the market,” the actor told Metro. “I’m really looking forward to working with John.”

John has been brought in to oversee the show while the BBC looks for a new full time producer.

Sean left suddenly last week to start work on some movie projects that had supposedly been pre-planned.

However, some critics have suggested that Sean had left the soap suddenly because of the poor ratings it is currently attracting and because the show won NO viewer-voted gigs at the annual Soap Awards last month!

It’s believed that John will be at the helm of the show for three months.

Recently Dean said he had been really sorry to have left the series back in 2003 but was told by producers at the time that they realised that they had made a mistake.

But Dean said he never felt bitter toward his old bosses.

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“I was very fortunate to do 11 great years on the show,” he told Metro. “It’s given me an amazing lifestyle, I’ve got a lovely home and two beautiful children so I can’t ever be angry with the show.

“My contract came up for renewal and it wasn’t renewed. They use this word ‘sacked’ a lot – if you’re sacked, you’re told to clear your desk and eff off. But in TV land, it’s just that your character – at that time – has exhausted every avenue.

“I’m very lucky – I think there’s a handful of people who would be on the hit list of bosses to get back – I’m sure Ross Kemp would be on there. To be one of those people that they say, ‘Yeah, we want him to come back’ – I feel immensely honoured.”

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