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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Dawn French reignites fierce scone debate on Twitter

Jam or cream first?

Nevermind Brexit, the one topic that divides Brits more than any other is how best to serve a scone!

The foodie debate over whether jam or cream should be added first has been reignited on Twitter by Dawn French.

A resident of Cornwall, the comedian has stayed true to her homeland by revealing she eats hers with the jam on first.

Dawn shared this image of her scone with jam on first (Credit: Twitter)

Sharing a picture of her scone smothered in strawberry jam with a dollop of cream on top, she wrote: "Went out for posh tea with my bestie. Did it right. #jamfirst #manyliquids."

Did it right. #jamfirst 

Many praised the actress for her choice, saying they completely agreed.

"Yes! Jam first is the only way," wrote one.

"Yes Dawn, always jam first," agreed another.

"Jam is sticky! The cream sticks to the Jam! You KNOW it makes sense," added a third backing Dawn's method.

But others said they preferred the Devon style of applying cream first followed by jam, telling Dawn she'd got it all wrong.

"Nooooooo wrong way round," said one.

"It's wrong. The cream acts as the butter in this case, so clearly cream first then jam," said another.

Dawn has previously debated the matter with Nigella Lawson (Credit: Twitter)

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"The absolute mess of that application is all the evidence needed to prove it’s the wrong way round," pointed out a third.

This isn't the first time Dawn, 61, has become embroiled in the scone debate.

Last year she took on chef Nigella Lawson, criticising one of her recipes for applying cream first.

"Nigella, darlin girl, far be it and all that , but seriously.... jam ( or red goo) goes first...NO EXCEPTIONS. Please. Thank you," she wrote under an image the cook shared of her beautifully prepared scone topped with jam.

The comedian lives in Cornwall so stands firm that the jam goes on first (Credit: Twitter)

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Nigella replied: "I bow to your Cornishness and general fabulosity, and send adoring love, but I am not a believer in constraining rules: we all take our pleasures when and how we can."

But Dawn stood firm telling her she was in the wrong.

"Agree wholeheartedly my queen. But. I venture to suggest that one is never constrained when one is doing what is ultimately the right thing...." she wrote.

Dawn isn't the first celebrity to get Brits riled up over scones.

Phillip Schofield sparked a furious debate on the issue when he shared an image of his scones and Emma Willis did the same with an Instagram snap of her enjoying afternoon tea.

It seems one commenter on Dawn's latest debate really doesn't know what all the fuss is about. He says: "What is this thing about jam or cream first? Just eat it. Enjoy it!"

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