Davina shares pic of her adorable dog guarding over her following injury

Awww, her pet pooch so cute

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Davina McCall is being guarded by her dog while she recovers from a workout injury.

She’s posted a pic on Instagram of her protective pooch, resting its head on her lap.

Her pet doesn’t look too happy either, with a large plastic cone around its head. Looks like they’ve both been in the wars.

Davina wrote: “Icing my leg, being guarded by my dog and his cone of shame… ”

Earlier this weekend, the presenter revealed she’d hurt herself, worrying fans but asking them for advice.

It seems she twisted or pulled something while running but didn’t even stop when it became painful.

The fitness machine wrote: “Thought it was cramp… so stretched and carried on… carried on for three more miles… had to stop, feels like a cramp but stretching isn’t getting rid of it… any ideas?”

Davina had an injury (Credit: Instagram)

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Davina, 49, added: “Check out my posh edamame bean ice pack 😉.”

Fans were quick to dash in with their advice, pondering exactly what was going on.

One said: “Maybe a pulled muscle or maybe cramp, best to rest and ice.”

“Have you a foam sports roller? They’re fab,” another added.

A third wrote: “Rest, ice, compression, elevation. NO heat.”

“Nothing beats a good deep tissue sports massage,” another suggested.

Recently, her followers have expressed concern that the Long Lost Family host might be pushing herself a little too hard.

Fitness freak Davina was accused by fans of taking her regime too far (Credit: Instagram)

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In her latest fitness pic, some said she was looking “too thin”.

The snap shows her rippling abs and toned arms but one fan said, bluntly: “Too thin Davina.”

Another added: “Always look amazing but you look a bit burned out and thin.” Rude!

Davina looks stunning and takes her health very seriously so we’re sure she’s exactly the weight she wants to be but maybe hurting her leg will give her some time to sit down and relax for a bit.

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