Davina McCall reveals why she doesn’t cry on Long Lost Family

You're tougher than us, Dav!

For most of us Long Lost Family is one long sobathon, so spare a thought for presenter Davina McCall who has revealed how impossible she finds it not to burst into floods of tears on the show.

But she says she tries to find ways of not shedding tears in front of her hopeful guests.

The programme, which tries to put families back in touch after years apart always leaves viewers sobbing to see the joy and relief on the faces of the people who’ve been reunited.

But Davina explained to OK! magazine: “I often find it very difficult [to fight back tears] and it’s usually when I’ve said something and someone has a really big outburst.

“That’s when I think, oh my God, am I going to go? But I won’t let myself.”

Davina is back in Long Lost Families (Credit: Instagram)

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We’re about to see the start of the seventh series on ITV, hosted as before by Davina and Nicky Campbell.

One of the best things for us viewers on the show is waiting for the moment Davina gets to sit in front of someone she’s been helping and say: “We’ve found them.”

We could cry just thinking about the looks on those people’s faces knowing they’re finally going to see their lost mum, dad, sister or child again.

Davina just has that way of looking into people’s hearts and speaking with warmth and sincerity. It’s just…no we’re not going to cry.

And nor is Davina, even though she admits she’s desperate to at times and it’s “very difficult”.

Davina says that she can’t help shedding tears during the show (credit: Instagram)

Davina revealed what keeps her going during intense moments.

She said: “I literally would rather stab my thigh with a Biro than cry.

“The thought that a contributor would look at me and say: ‘Are you okay?’ would be terrible. I couldn’t do it.”

It must be just as difficult breaking bad news.

Don’t forget, Davina often has to reveal that the person she’s been looking for is still a mystery or, even worse, that they passed away before they could be found.

It falls to Nicky or Davina to break the bad news to the hopeful family members and their reactions can be heartbreaking.

Davina says she is loving Love Island (Credit: ITV)

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Davina said: “I’m always quite nervous, so often I’ll be in their house for a bit and whatever news it is, whether it’s good news or not quite the news they wanted, it’s tough.”

She continued: “The chat happens quite naturally and it comes up when it feels appropriate, so it’s always a bit nerve wracking.”

Davina also revealed what compelling TV she watches when she’s not in front of the cameras, and Big Brother fans who still see her as the show’s best ever host might be surprised to hear she’s a Love Island fan.

She said: “Love Island is what Big Brother used to be. It’s got such an amazing buzz about it. I love it.” #Awkward

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