Davina McCall dances in underwear with pal in bizarre video clip

She said her friend challenged her to do it

Davina McCall pranced around in her underwear and made strange faces for fans in a fun and slightly bizarre clip posted on social media.

The presenter, 51, took to Instagram to share a video of herself goofing around with a friend, jumping on a bed and dancing while boldly chanting “I don’t care what they think about me!”

In the caption, she told her followers she’s in “a very happy place right now” and called her friend, Chessie, “an effervescent ball of positive energy”.

She wrote: “She’s been inspiring my girls and all of their friends for an age and thanks to them… we are hanging out this avo.”

The performance made her feel ‘liberated’ (Credit: Instagram/Davina McCall)

Offering something of an explanation for the upload, Davina said: “Chessie posted an ‘I don’t care what they think about me’ vid… and challenged me to do one.”

She also said that she “had a blast” creating the clip and now feels “wildly liberated”.

She wondered if her nose made her look like a pelican (Credit: Instagram/Davina McCall)

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The post also sees her touching her face and nose in profile and asking, in a serious voice: “Are you a member of the pelican family?”

Elsewhere, she peered closely into the camera and said: “Bizarre facial expression of the week, Davina McCall!”

In another part of the clip, she sucked her cheeks in and said: “Oh your cheeks are sunken into your face, go and buy some doughnuts.”

Trolls have previously told Davina she’s ‘too skinny’ (Credit: Instagram/Davina McCall)

Fans thought the video was brilliant, with one commenting: “This is fab and slightly bonkers. Huzzah for not caring what others think.”

Another added: “Bonkers and beautiful!” while a third said “What a nutter!”

Even if it was a bit bizarre, Davina nevertheless impressed with her slender, toned physique – something she was recently forced to defend against trolls, who said she was ‘too skinny’.

Davina and her pal Chessie (Credit: Instagram/Davina McCall)

Earlier this year, Davina asked her 2.77 million followers on Twitter for advice on a painful-looking injury.

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Revealing that she’d torn the tendon in her finger, she wanted to know if she could get the plastic cast she’d need from a pharmacy or if she should just go to hospital.

She said she hurt her finger while putting on leggings!

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