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Sunday 9th August 2020

David Beckham's daily salary has reportedly been revealed - and it's shocking

The numbers are mind-boggling!

He's one of the world's most successful footballers with a string of lucrative products and endorsements to his name.

So it comes as no surprise to anybody that David Beckham, 42, is absolutely loaded.

And when we say loaded, we mean LOADED.

Get ready for some serious envy...

Becks has an eye-watering bank account (Credit: FayesVision/Wenn)

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According to The Sun, last year the dad-of-four was paid an eye-wateringly incomprehensible £35,000 PER DAY. Yes, that's PER DAY. Not yearly, not monthly, but DAILY!

The newspaper claims Becks earned himself a tidy £12.7 million from his image rights company in 2016 which, broken down, equalled a daily salary most of us would be more than happy to pocket yearly.

It works out at just over £1 million a month.

Not bad when you're retired, eh?

Posh 'n' Becks are a force to be reckoned with (Credit: Wenn)

The Sun listed some of Becks' big-money deals contributing to his hefty salary, including Haig Club whiskey, Adidas and H&M.

His alleged £35k a day income is a tad less than last year's rumoured amount of £71,000 every day - though we wouldn't turn our nose up, to be honest.

Even though he has long retired from football David’s empire keeps on growing.

At the time, The Sun said the rumoured £71,000 was split between £40,000 from his company flogging clothing, accessories, perfume etc. and a further £31k from image rights.

A source said: “Even though he has long retired from football David’s empire keeps on growing. He is a savvy businessman and surrounds himself with like-minded people."

Those lucky Beckham kids! (Credit: Instagram @DavidBeckham)

David retired from professional football in May 2013 but hasn't stopped working since.

And, of course, David's salary isn't the Beckham family's only source of income. There's also wife Victoria's hefty earnings from the Spice Girls and fashion design to add to the pot.

A report from The Telegraph just two years ago estimated the couple's Beckham brand at around half a billion pounds, making them richer than The Queen!


So much money, so little time (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Of course, there's no word from Becks on his wages. After all, a gentleman never discusses his salary...

Becks, meanwhile, has proven he's no Scrooge when it comes to his riches: he famously donated his entire salary while playing for Paris St-Germain back in 2013 to a children's charity.

And his David Beckham 7 Fund for UNICEF has raised millions for kids around the world.

Good work, Becks!