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Tuesday 25th February 2020

David Beckham has emergency surgery following snowboarding accident

Son Brooklyn injured himself on the snow last week

Keep the Beckhams well away from anything remotely dangerous - because, it would seem, they are just too accident prone.

Just days after poor Brooklyn Beckham was involved in a snowboarding calamity, his dad David has come a cropper in the snow.

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According to reports, the hunky father-of-four smashed a front tooth in a mountain tumble.

Becks, 41, was apparently forced to attend an emergency dentist as soon as he returned to London to hastily get his broken incisor fixed.

Although reps for the star have yet to confirm the mishap, it's believed that, while he was snowboarding, he fell during a family break in Canada.

David is a trooper and didn’t make a fuss. He took it all in his stride.

“David is a trooper and didn’t make a fuss. He took it all in his stride," a source told The Sun.

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“There’s no need to panic that he’s lost the good looks that landed him a fortune.

“But it was a worrying time.”

This was David's first time snowboarding as he was never allowed to partake in winter sports when he was a footballer in case he injured himself - just like this.

Being a hunky have-a-go type of guy, we are pretty sure the next time he's back on the slopes with his kids and wife Victoria he won't shy away from trying his luck again.