Emmerdale’s Danny Miller teases wedding for Robron TOMORROW!

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Emmerdale star Danny Miller has just got our hearts racing by teasing that not only could Robron reunite tomorrow – but they could get married!

Danny was on This Morning today chatting about the promised reunion between his character Aaron Dingle and on/off lover Robert Sugden.

When Holly mentioned that the pair are said to be tying the knot, Danny dropped the bombshell that the wedding could take place THIS WEEK.

Phil and Holly quizzed Danny about the Robron reunion (Credit: ITV)

Holly had said that surely the reunion would take place during tomorrow’s hour-long special episode of the show.

“I know right,” teased Danny. “You’d think so.”

Just casually mentioning that Robron could get married TOMORROW (Credit: ITV)

And then he said something that made us wild with excitement.

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“The producer Iain MacLeod has said they will get married,” Danny said. “So the speculation is will it be now or will it be later on?”

Holly was thrilled to know that the pair could walk down the aisle this week – though Phil said he doubted it would happen.

“There is no way a soap will just chuck in a wedding with no preparation,” he said. “That’s not happening until at least the summer.”

Tomorrow, people! They could get married tomorrow! (Credit: ITV)

But Danny pointed out that surprise weddings DO happen in real life and he could prove it.

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“Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden (AKA Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle and David Metcalfe) just got married in secret,” he said. “So it does happen in real life.”

Charley and Matthew just got married in secret, so why not Robron?! (Credit: ITV)

Perhaps the Emmerdale writers will take inspiration from the stars of the show and drop in a surprise wedding for Robron. We’re going to be glued to our screens tomorrow to find out!

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