Danny Miller fans stunned as his 83-year-old dad downs a shot

His famous father Vince Miller probably has more fans than the Emmerdale actor now!

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Emmerdale’s Danny Miller shared an impressive video on Monday as he spent time with his family.

But nobody was talking about Danny – it was his dad who stole the limelight.

At the ripe old age of 83, the Emmerdale star’s father Vince shocked his fans as he necked a Sambuca shot.

Danny shows his fans that he and his dad are about to take a shot (Credit: Instagram/@danny_b_miller)

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Vince, who was a comedian for 65 years was known as the “king of comperes”, and is now undoubtedly known as the “king of Sambuca”.

He caused a bit of a stir recently though. He hit headlines when he was reportedly forced out of a job as a VIP host at Manchester United after putting his arm around a waitress and called her “love”.

Vince was there for a whopping 29 years.

Vince did not look phased at all (Credit: Instagram/@danny_b_miller)

Posting from a sunny spot in Ireland, Danny addressed his 205,000 followers with a nod and a shot in his hand, pans to his dad and both say cheers.

The 26-year-old captioned the post: “83 years of age.. Deals with Sambuca’s for fun.. #happyfathersday”.

His father then downs the shot in one and their friends and family shout ‘”Wahayyy”, with Danny stating: “Not a problem, not a problem!”.

One commented on the video and wrote: “Your dad is amazing Danny fair play to him 😂😂👊👊”

Another added: “Love that didn’t even flinch takes a shot better than me”.

83 years of age.. Deals with Sambuca's for fun.. #happyfathersday

A post shared by Danny Miller (@danny_b_miller) on

One of his followers then wrote: “If that’s not inspirational I don’t know what is!”.

“Your dad is legit a legend wish my dad was like him”, said another.


Danny, who has been in Emmerdale since 2008, also posted a snap of his entire family.

He wrote: “Nothing better than a big Irish family.. The old mans swimmers created this lot! #happyfathersday 🍺”

You can’t beat his sense of humour, can you?

Danny is proud of his huge family (Credit: Instagram/@danny_b_miller)

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Vince, who is a father of nine, started out his career as a singer in a band at the tender age of 16, and is also good mates with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Talking earlier in the year about retiring, he told Manchester Evening News: “I’ve no upset about it, the time is now to get out while you’re on top, you don’t want people saying ‘not him again’!

“If Danny and Daniel would want me to come along and do my thing next year, of course I would, but I’ve let everybody know now that I’m 82, it’s time to enjoy myself now and have a little fun.”

Sorry Danny, but your dad is cooler than you.

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