Danny Dyer’s EastEnders salary REVEALED!

His castmates' earnings have also been leaked

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We all know that telly stars earn a fortune to act or sing or dance or read lines off an autocue, but even we were shocked by the figures bandied about in a new report about what the cast of EastEnders get paid.

Yes, we’re not talking about fifty quid and a packet of pork scratchings.

Oh no. We’re talking big money!

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Top of the heap is Danny Dyer, who apparently earns £400, 000 for pretty much playing himself.

The revelation, made in a newspaper over the weekend, is set to stun fans and indeed his castmates alike, as it turns out he is the fella who is earning the most.

In fact, he is paid a whopping £100, 000 more than series mainstay Steve McFadden, who is taking home around £310, 000 every year.

That’s right! That’s £310,000 for roaming around the square spitting out words in a gruff voice and having a really big pink face!

Last December, it was reported that June Brown was renegotiating her contract with producers to keep her in the show until March 2018.

It is believed that the figure bosses were offering the star is £300,000.

Meanwhile, Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, and has been with the show since day one, takes home over £260,000.

Although the cast get on like a happy family, it’s suggested that now the salaries have been revealed, there could be some unrest among the longer serving stars.

A while back it was reported that Adam and Danny were at loggerheads on the set.

The Daily Star reported that Danny Dyer had boasted that he was a better actor because Adam had only ever played one role for 30 years whereas he has starred in many things, including, er, Run For Your Wife, with Sarah Harding.

It was also suggested that he had upset cast members walking around bragging to everyone that he had saved the show.

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However, this turned out to be untrue and a spokesperson for EastEnders was forced to release a statement to clarify the situation, saying;  “There is absolutely no truth in this story. Danny is an extremely popular member of cast and respected by everyone on the show.”

But could news of Danny’s whopping salary have some effect on the cast?

We’ll have to wait and see though, in fairness, the actors probably do deserve the dosh for having to play such miserable and unhappy characters day in day out.

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