Danny Dyer in marriage mystery after wife Joanne flashes jewellery on shopping trip

The ring's back on... but is their relationship?

Their marriage has had more ups and downs than Mick Carter has had jellied eel dinners, but could the latest pics of Joanne Mas prove that she and Danny Dyer are back together?

Danny and Jo seem back on track (Credit: Instagram)

The Sun is reporting that their relationship could be very much back on after Jo was spotted wearing her wedding ring in Sainsbury’s. And if you’re gonna wear it anywhere…

The mum of Danny’s three kids was papped while out and about doing her weekly shop, and her sizeable wedding and engagement jewellery were visible for all to see.

The couple were reportedly living separately after a series of rows, with Danny at one point residing in a hotel close to the Eastenders studios and later moving into a rented flat.

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Shortly after, it was alleged that the actor had a six week fling with Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding back in 2012, when they met on the set of the film Run for Your Wife.

Sarah reportedly believed Danny was single at the time.

Sarah had no clue Danny was married. Credit: Flynet

Childhood sweethearts Danny and Jo tied the knot back in September 2016, after more than 20 years together, and in an interview with Hello! magazine (to whom the couple sold the pics of their lavish day), Danny said that Jo was ‘the love of my life. Without her I would be nothing’.


However, things didn’t stay rosy in the garden for long, with Danny’s work stress and time away from home reportedly causing a huge strain on the couple’s relationship.

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The sitch appears to be on the up now though, with the pair’s daughter Dani having shared a cute snap of her parents at Halloween, and a loose-tongued ‘friend’ of the family telling the Mirror that they are ‘far from’ getting a divorce.

This outfit is sure to win the treacle back… Credit: Dani Dyer/Instagram

“Last weekend they celebrated their anniversary with walks around London and a lavish dinner on Saturday,” the source claimed.

“Danny has wooed Jo back and promised his indiscretions are in the past. He can’t live without Jo, and now she is calling the shots.”

You’d better Adam n Eve it.

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