Danniella Westbrook’s son Kai reveals he saved her life

When his mum overdosed, Kai had to step in.

Danniella Westbrook has revealed her son, Kai, broke down a door to save her after she’d taken an overdose.

Joined by her 20-year old son on Loose Women today, Danniella told how Kai stepped in when she relapsed after her break up from toyboy George Arnold.

After coming out of the Celebrity Big Brother house last year, Danniella thought things were on the up. But then she contracted septacaemia and was in hospital for weeks.

Unable to work, Danniella fell into a depression, “I felt depressed, and when I get depressed the first thing I go to is drugs.

“I felt like I was letting everybody down as it was meant to be my year to come back and do things.

“I relapsed badly and due to the fact of relapsing, George said ‘I can’t live with this’. He doesn’t do drugs.

“I see myself getting lower and then I withdraw, withdraw, withdraw and I completely withdraw from myself.

“I tried to hide it from George and then I started using again.”

She revealed George couldn’t cope and left her. But then she explained it was “the best thing” he could have done.

Before Kai joined his mum on the show, he was seen backstage reading a poem he’d written to her.

“Mum I know you’ve made mistakes but who hasn’t?,” he began.

“I’m super proud of you, you’re only human. I know a lot of people have always put you down but I know you’ve always had the confidence to get back up.

“I’m always gonna be there for you no matter what.

“You’re also a big inspiration to me but at the same time can be a huge aggravation to me. I love you loads. Your son, Kai.”

Danniella welled up as she listened to what he had to say.

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When he came out to join her though he was very nervous being on live TV and accidentally turned the air blue when he swore.

Asked by Loose Woman Linda Robson about the incident which saw him have to kick the bathroom door in to save his mum, Kai blurted out the expletive before quickly realising his mistake and apologising profusely.

Danniella also apologised and host Ruth Langsford explained how nervous Kai had been before coming on air.

He went on to say he wasn’t concerned about his mum going back on the drugs again, explaining:

“I’m not worried about anything because you live one life and you live life how you want to live it. I always try and steer someone in the right direction.”

Since her appearance, fans have flocked to Twitter to tell Danniella how pleased they were to see her looking so well – and to compliant her on her wonderful son.

We couldn’t agree more Danniella!

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