Danniella Westbrook speaks out against cosmetic surgery following her facelift procedure

The star recently underwent facelift surgery in Poland

Danniella Westbrook, 43, has shared the first photos of her facelift surgery just 48 hours after the procedure.

But the former EastEnders star has since spoken out against cosmetic surgery warning others about the dangers that come with it.

The former drug addict has gone under the knife several times but insists “surgery isn’t worth it”.

Danniella showed her swollen and bruised face following surgery (Credit: Twitter)

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The star has undergone an operation to rebuild her nose following her heavy cocaine abuse, cheek implants, several boob jobs, lip enhancements and many ops to try and rebuild her jaw.

The actress recently shared a photo showing her swollen new face on Twitter. She wrote: “So this is 48hours after my facelift… I’m hurting but Can’t wait 2 go home #SpainIsCalling #Need2bAtHome #thewestbrook #D&D #Marbs [sic].”

The star underwent a six-hour operation in Poland to stop her face from collapsing and is set to undergo another eight-hour surgery to try and rebuild her jaw.

But Danniella has spoken out about cosmetic surgery and urged people to think twice before going under the knife.

She told The Sun: “I’m petrified. I’m petrified that it won’t work, and my face will be ruined, but also that something might go wrong and I won’t wake up at all.

“I am never going to look the same ever again. People don’t realise surgery isn’t worth it. So what if you’re not perfect? Nobody’s perfect.

The actress has since spoken out against cosmetic surgery (Credit: Instagram)

“But if your body has the wrong reaction to surgery, you’re screwed.

“You could spend the rest of your life getting something fixed you didn’t need in the first place.”

Danniella first started her cosmetic surgery journey back in 1998 when she had dental implants after losing her back teeth in a car accident.

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But the screws that were put into her jawbone became infected and started eating away at her jaw and cheekbones.

The star went on to explain: “All of my problems over the past few years have been caused by those mouth implants.

“Because the screws the doctors put in my mouth last time left a gap around the bone, blood seeped in and it caused septicaemia and osteoporosis.”

And now she’s revealed her worries about having yet another jaw op.

She told The Sun: “I’ve got hardly any bone left now, so my doctors want to take a graft from my skull that they can graft between a metal plate and another bone.

Danniella has insisted she won’t be going under the knife again (Credit: FameFlynet)

“They explained to me that my face needs to sit on my jaw, and because there’s no bone there to support it, the whole thing is collapsing.

“I’ve asked what the worst is that can happen if I just stay like this. But because the jawbone is still deteriorating all the time, I haven’t really got any choice.

“I won’t ever choose to have surgery ever again.”

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