Danniella Westbrook reveals the truth about heartbreaking miscarriage and the future of her relationship

The star has admitted she's heartbroken after suffering her fourth miscarriage

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Danniella Westbrook has revealed she suffered her fourth miscarriage earlier this month and has confirmed her split from fiance Alan Thomason.

The former EastEnders star was forced to pull out of a live interview with ITV’s Loose Women on Friday after she was “still bleeding” from the tragic incident and too ill to go on air.

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Danniella has spoken about her heartbreak after losing her unborn baby (Credit: Rocky/

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Now in an interview with The Sun Online Danniella has spoken out about her heartache at losing her child and why she decided to end her relationship with Alan.

The troubled actress got emotional as she opened up about discovering she had miscarried for a fourth time.

The 43-year-old explained she’s had several health issues after undergoing an emergency cesarean while giving birth to her teenage daughter Jody in 2001.

She told the publication: “There was always a chance I was going to miscarry because I’ve had lots of problems since my daughter was born by an emergency c-section.

The actress also confirmed her split from Alan (Credit: Twitter)

“Something went wrong and four days later the whole inside of the stitches came open and my intestines pushed out and I was rushed into hospital.

“They put it all back in and I was stitched up but ever since then I’ve never been able to carry.”

She went on to explain that she reached the seven week mark in her pregnancy this year and the loss put a lot of pressure on her and Alan’s relationship.

Danniella continued: “It’s been an awful time and it caused so much pressure for me and Alan really.

“I was so looking forward to having a baby, I’m 43, he’s 35, I thought ‘there’s no way I’m going to get pregnant again’.

“And I did and I was really happy about it.”

Danniella has admitted she won’t be trying for anymore children (Credit: Twitter)

Danniella went on to tell the tabloid that she won’t be trying for another baby as she wouldn’t be able to “take the heartbreak” of it all.

She said: “I don’t think I could take the heartbreak of it all.

“I can’t take it and I don’t think it’s good on my body. I don’t think I could try to have any more kids.

“I’ve got two lovely kids and Alan’s got a baby as well, he’s got a six year old. It’s not like we don’t have children.”

Despite getting engaged after their whirlwind romance Danniella also confirmed she’s split from Alan as they take some time away from each other.

Danniella continued: “Me and Alan are not together at the minute, we have had an argument, we’re having a tough time of it at the minute.

Alan and Danniella are taking some time away from each other (Credit: Twitter)

“He’s in Benidorm, I need some time to myself right now and he’s taking it very badly.

“I need to rest, I might go away for a couple of weeks and just relax and sleep and eat.

“At the moment I’m happy on my own. We rushed into everything too quick.”

Danniella also hit out at reports that she’s returned to drugs: “No, no, that’s not true,” she said. “I have relapsed before, but I have a drink now and that’s it.”

Due to Danniella, who is also mum to 20-year-old Kai, being too ill to appear on Loose Women she pre-recorded a chat with the Loose ladies which will air at a later date.

Danniella has been going through a tough few weeks after hitting the headlines multiple times over the past few months.

Danniella accused the media of “making me ill” following recent reports (Credit: Twitter)

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Earlier this month the star hit back at the media accusing them of making her ill.

One report said Danniella had ‘cheated’ on Alan with a 25-year-old holidaymaker who claimed she was “wobbling all over the place” due to alcohol.

And another claimed the star had smashed up her hotel room after a heated row with Alan and then boasted about it to a holidaymaker.

Sharing the article from the tabloid Danniella hit back saying: “I’m sat with Alan [reading] more cheap crap you are writing the stress you’re putting me under is making me ill. So thank you.”

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