Danniella Westbrook live broadcasts ‘designer vagina’ operation

Why she chose to share it with the world, we'll never know

Danniella Westbrook likes to share. She has been very open in magazine and TV interviews alike about her battle with drug addiction, the dreadful abuse she suffered when she was younger, and the heartbreak of relationships gone wrong.

And that’s cool.

Discussing such issues can raise awareness and help other people to open up.

But there are some things even professional open books should keep to themselves.

Such as having your vajayjay prettied up… for example.

Danniella disagrees – she has just broadcast her designer vagina operation for all her Snapchat followers (and now the world) to see.

That’s right, a designer vagina operation, where procedures are carried out to make a lady’s downstairs area even more attractive.

And, showing an impressive skill for punditry, the former EastEnder re-branded the social media app ‘Snatchchat’ as she had the work done.

Snatchchat! Geddit?

The CBB star shared: “Just another normal day in my crazy world, the life of Danniella Westbrook. No longer is it Snapchat, it is Snatchchat. Get ready for that designer vagina, people!”

In the short clip Danni can be seen lying back on a bed, before the camera pans down away from her face to reveal a nurse standing at the bottom of her bed doing – rather randomly – jazz hands.

The 43-year-old then added: “You see the thing is, when you’re having this laser done, this designer vagina, you think it’s going to really hurt. It don’t. I’m currently having my treatment now, it don’t hurt.”

Glad she’s cleared that up for us all.

Jokes aside, it’s great to see the vulnerable star appearing to be loving life again.

Fears for her health were sparked again recently when she was spotted with dressings below her nose.

She appeared on This Morning last month and very candidly talked about relapsing, suffering from depression – and an attempt to kill herself.

Danni explained to Phil and Holly that she was in a really good place after doing January’s Celebrity Big Brother, but then things unravelled as she became ill.

“I had the best time in there. I came out so excited to get back on my feet,” she smiled.

“This happened and I haven’t been able to work. This has spiralled me into a depression, and I split from my boyfriend too.”

Danniella felt she was letting her then boyfriend George and her children down, and thought her world was over when he left.

“I tried to overdose a lot when George walked out,” she admitted.

Despite her problems, Danniella is one of the good uns in the land of showbiz – we’re rooting for her.

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