Danniella Westbrook makes statement about pregnancy rumours and has even more news

Actress and new love have given joint interview

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What a year it has been for Danniella Westbrook.

A few months ago she split from her former boyfriend George Arnold and was whisked off to rehab in Spain to get clean and happy.

No sooner was she out than along came handsome Alan Thomason who appeared to put a beaming smile back on her face.

Danielle seems to have found happiness in the arms of Alana Thomason (Credit: ITV)

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It wasn’t long before Alan popped the question to Danniella with a Haribo ring (followed by a real ring).

But drama ensued when one of Alan’s girlfriends stepped forward to say she was still engaged to him.

Alan popped the question recently and the couple plan to marry next year. (credit: Instagram)

However, Alan was fast to assure Danniella that he had actually split from his ex some months before and Danniella told the girl to sling her hook and keep her nose out of their business.

But then things got serious when it was rumoured that Danniella had fallen pregnant at 43. She denied this.

However, in a new interview, Danniella has confirmed that she is expecting and admits that she is the happiest she has been in ages.

“Alan is a hundred, million per cent the reason for my current happiness. I’ve been lost a lot in my life. Now I’m centred,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

Danniella credits Alan with making her the happiest she has been in a long time (Credit: Instagram)

“People can say what they like. Alan is not a user. It took him five days to realise I even work in TV. He looks after me.”

“I didn’t know she was famous. I liked her as an individual,” he said, adding: “We’re one. She’s my soulmate, my future wife.”

But even though their meeting and pregnancy has happened super fast, Danniella says they are not rushing down the aisle.

“We’re getting married in Spain some time next year,” she told the paper.

Danniella says she now understands her problems (Credit; Instagram)

“We’ll put it together in two weeks – as long as my kids, his mum and our close friends are there.

“We’d like a secret beach, we’ll just throw a stage and fairy lights down, put some music on and eat Spanish food. It will be gorgeous.”

Speaking about her time in rehab, Daniella she said that she finally understood that her problems with drink and drugs have stemmed from the sexual assault she endured when she seven years old.

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“It was the stuff I hadn’t dealt with that got me to the point of understanding why I used drugs at 15,” she explained.

“I thought I was having a breakdown. I’d relapsed and started using again. I went in for nine-and-a-half weeks.

“You can go to rehab as many times as you want and clean up, but unless you clear up the crux of the problem you’ll always revert back.”

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