Danniella W reveals what she would have called the baby she lost

The actress had a tragic memory jogged while out shopping

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Danniella Westbrook has never been one to keep anything close to her chest and this week she has stunned her fans by revealing a very intimate secret.

The actress and CBB star, who is currently holed up in Spain as she undergoes therapy at a rehab facility, was poking around what looked like a tourist shop when she came across a display of patterned tiles that had initials on them.

This shop display sparked sad memories for Danniella (Credit: Instagram)

Above the alphabetised arrangement some letters had been selected that spelt out the word Lenny.

While many of us would immediately think of Lenny Bennett or Lenny the Lion, the spelt-out name meant much more to Danniella.

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In an Instagram post she revealed that the name Lenny had sparked some sad memories as it would have been the name of the baby she miscarried last year.

“Of all the names they choose this one to use … was gonna be my babies name #sadWhenISawIt,” she wrote. [sic]

George and Danniella were looking forward to being parents (Credit: Instagram)

Danniella had fallen pregnant last year when she was seeing her tomboy lover George Arnold.

But last month, she revealed, once she had checked into rehab, that one of the tough times in her life was losing a baby.

Since entering into rehab in at Villa Paradiso she says she is feeling much better.

Danniella says she is in a better place (Credit: Instagram)

She told the Sun how she was facing her demons and that she had “got her smile back”.

Danniella says she has found her smile again (Credit: Instagram)

“I am feeling amazing – I knew I had to do this for myself,” she said.

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“With the help of the amazing team and therapists at Villa Paradiso, I can now look at myself in the mirror again and see my smile and sparkle is back.”

Danniella is beginning to have fun again after a crazy year!

She added:  “I am feeling overall positive about life and everything about myself.

“Its been nice to be in the sunshine too.”