Danielle Lloyd to challenge Jamie O’Hara on The Jeremy Kyle Show?

The model wants her ex-husband to take a lie detector test

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Jamie O’Hara and ex-wife Danielle Lloyd have been feuding on Twitter AGAIN.

The model has now sensationally claimed that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her former husband.

Danielle has accused former Premier League footballer Jamie of battering her with a shoe and ‘strangling’ her in front of their son Archie.

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Now, it seems we might see the former couple move their public argument from Twitter to The Jeremy Kyle Show.

A fan jokingly (we think!) tweeted: “I know a guy who can help @MissDLloyd & @Mrjamieohara1 @itvjeremykyle.”

Danielle quickly replied: “Yeah we should go on and do a lie detector. I do not lie.”

The mum-of-three was was apparently up for her ex taking one of the programme’s notorious lie detector tests.

The 33-year-old quickly replied: “Yeah we should go on and do a lie detector. I do not lie.”

Danielle made shocking allegations against Jamie in a series of tweets on Sunday after Jamie accused her of not allowing access to his three young sons.

The model wrote: “I’ve had enough of you mouthing off u get denied access to ur kids cos u physically and verbally attack their mum in front of them.

“Jamie O’Hara battered me in Vegas with a shoe in front of Jodie and strangled me in front of ur dad and Archie.

“You abused me in front of the kids last year and then when my fella came out u ran off and phoned the police on him cus u got scared.

“Am finally speaking out and standing up for myself and other abused women! Abuse is not just physical but mental I’ve been through both.” (sic)

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The row broke out after Jamie reacted to a snap of his ex enjoying a spa retreat.

He said: “How’s this fair? I get denied access then see on social media that my children ain’t even with the mum, she’s at a spa weekend #standup.”

Jamie strongly denied the allegations and addressed his 55K followers saying: “Quotes from Danielle. Will not tolerate these lies and have my name slandered by someone who is obviously not well, would never touch a women.”

His representative added: “We categorically deny these allegations and have taken legal action in regards to these false accusations/claims.”