Danielle Lloyd shares a new baby scan as she says she still like going out

The glamour girl took her boys to a scan and posted the image of her unborn baby online,

As we all know, Danielle Lloyd previously had a penchant for footballers, which will most likely explain why she is currently trying to put together a football team of sons.

Yes, everyone’s favourite glamour girl (after from Katie Price) is looking forward to the birth of her fourth son in August.

Danielle is having her fourth son this summer (Credit: Instagram)

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And she simply can’t wait for the new babba to arrive.

In fact, this week she took her sons along to her regular scan to show them how their new brother is doing.

And to involve her thousands of fans, she also posted a picture on Instagram for them to see, with the caption: “Took the boys to meet their little brother today we all can’t wait.”

Danielle posted a 4d scan other unborn son (Credit: Instagram)

And Danielle’s 430k social media followers were so moved by the picture, they were cooing like clucky hens and liking the picture almost 5000 times.

Danielle says she took her sons along the scan to meet their new brother (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, this isn’t the first scan the proud mum has posted publicly.

Everytime she has a check up, the Liverpudlian beauty likes nothing more than to post pictures of her baby’s progress for everyone to see.

And she admits that each time she goes she is stunned at how her wee fella is growing so fast.

“It’s mad how big he gets between scans, it looked like he had doubled, ” she said recently in her OK baby column.

“I’m tracking him on my phone and it says this week he’s as big as an aubergine. Every Friday I get my little update and I love it because you can actually imagine what he looks like.”

This will be her first child with fiance Michael O’Neill (Credit: Instagram)

Danielle first revealed that she and her fiance Michael O’Neill were expecting a baby back in February.

Then after gracing the cover of OK! in a pose inspired by Beyonce, she appeared on Loose Women to discover live on air that she was going have a fourth boy.

Danielle found out she was having another boy after a scan live on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Danielle has revealed that she is finding it hard to sleep during her pregnancy.

“I feel like I’m getting a bit of insomnia now, I feel like the baby’s into a bit of a routine, he wakes up about about 6 and starts kicking, kicking the life out of me!” she said.

“It says in the books that they get into a sleeping routine around now, so he must be in his little routine now! I’m used to getting up early with the boys anyway so it’s fine.”

And ever the glamour puss, Danielle says that even though she is fully showing, that hasn’t stopped her from being glam and going out!

Danielle says that despite being pregnant she likes to go out and look glam, even wearing heels! (Credit: Instagram)

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“I’m getting a bit stressed out about what to wear when I go out at the moment, but if I can find a good stretchy dress it’s ok,” she said.

“The dress that I wore at Megan McKenna’s restaurant launch was a dress I had made for one of my baby showers, I think it was when I had George. I’m a fan of recycling!

“I love getting dressed up, you shouldn’t stay in just because your pregnant, you’ve still got to enjoy your life and you’ve got to enjoy yourself before the baby’s born.

“I’m still wearing heels too but my feet get swollen so quickly.”

Now there’s a girl after our own heart!

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