Danielle Lloyd ‘scared Nicola McLean will expose secrets on CBB’

Jamie O’Hara and her ex best mate are BOTH set to enter the CBB house

Poor Danielle Lloyd is set to have a stressful few weeks as her ex husband AND ex best friend are both set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother.

Her ex Jamie O’Hara will join her former pal Nicola McLean in a few days time and is worried that they will tell the public all of her marriage secrets.

There is no doubt that they will dish the dirt on her past.

As well as having to deal with that, Danielle’s brother has hit out at Nicola in a horrid Twitter rant, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

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A source told The Sun Online: “Danielle must be worried about what Jamie will say in the house. They shared two-and-a-half years as a married couple and they’ve got three kids together, so he knows everything about her.

“It couldn’t come at a worse time, as Nicola is also going in to the house. They’re bound to discuss their shared connection to Danielle soon enough.”

Nicola kicked off all the drama when she tweeted about how Danielle named her chihuahua puppy Rocky, the same name as her son.

She wrote: “When @missdlloyd names her chihuahua after your son. I’m thinking of names for my new addition now.”

Obviously, she got A LOT of abuse but Danielle’s brother Matty Lloyd immediately hit out at her.

He wrote: “Listen @NicolaMcLean  not 1 person is assed about your kid or whatever you decided to call it!! Your making a fat mess out yourself [run] ️it.

“scruffs that would anything for doe!! all ya got back is “ya sisters a s**g” f**king grow a set and knock at Rs.

“Nic will prob calmly walk in and suck whoever is is the limelight at that point clean off and then say ‘my rocky’.”

Later when Nic, mum to sons Striker and Rocky, moaned she was feeling bloated after gorging on delicious Christmas treats, Matty was there again with a barbed comment.

Along with a thumbs-up emoji, he hit back with: “coz ya fat c***.”


Apparently the feud between the girls started because Danielle “broke the girl code” and showed off a new friendship with Nicola’s boyfriend.

Mutual friend Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, sent the rumour mill spinning in 2014 when she commented on a bunch of flowers Danielle had posted on Instagram.

She hinted they were seeing the same man!

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“They look a lot like @ NicolaMcLean flowers @ MissDLloyd he has good taste in women and flowers doesn’t he,” she wrote.

Danielle wrote: “Aisleyne1 NicolaMcLean there beautiful” (sic).

And Aisleyne later added: “Using the the same tricks on your new chick? # boring # joke # flowersAreSoLastSeason #cringefactor ”

Deary me, will this drama ever end?!