Danielle Lloyd reveals “shocking” abuse over gender selection plans

Admits she hadn't really thought about it could upset some people

Danielle Lloyd claims she’s been subjected to abuse over her ‘designer baby’ plans, comparing the negative reaction to a bomb explosion.

The 34-year-old mum of four boys has spoken for months about her desire to have a daughter through controversial gender selection treatments.

But now the TV star has told for the first time how she has come in for thousands of furious messages on social media slamming her over possibly going abroad for the procedure, which is illegal in the UK.

Danielle Lloyd's four sons (Credit: Instagram)
Danielle Lloyd’s four sons (Credit: Instagram)

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Danielle claimed the strongest reaction she’d received came from women who cannot have children of their own.

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She said: “They called me a ‘selfish, disgusting [bleep]’ who should be thankful for my four miracle babies.”

Danielle also revealed her surprise when she was apparently asked by one woman for some of her eggs.

Admitted she was shocked by the request, Danielle said she had no idea how to react.

But the former Celebrity Big Brother housemate did confess the abuse had left her staggered.

Danielle Lloyd's four sons (Credit: Instagram)
Danielle and her family (Credit: Instagram @missdlloyd)

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“I’m very honest and don’t beat around the bush, but I didn’t expect the amount of vitriol,” said Danielle.

“It was like a bomb had gone off. I didn’t even think I had said anything that bad, but I admit that perhaps I didn’t really think about it that much.”

Despite being a lucrative and booming industry in the US – Danielle hopes to ‘complete’ her family with the help of a clinic in California – gender selection is condemned by the World Health Organisation.

But Danielle believes she would regret not taking the opportunity to give birth to a girl if medical science offers it.

Danielle Lloyd
Danielle is very keen on having a daughter (Credit: Instagram @missdlloyd)

Adding she would be disappointed to miss out on the kind of relationship she has with her own mum, Danielle added the urge to have a daughter is one she cannot relinquish – and cannot understand why she has been branded a “disgrace”.

She has three boys with ex Jamie O’Hara – Archie, seven, Harry, six, and four-year-old George.

Engaged Danielle – who recently revealed she intends to keep her upcoming wedding a private affair – also has a fourth son, one-year-old son Ronnie, with fiancé Michael O’Neill.

“I wouldn’t give up my four healthy boys for the world, but I’ve been desperate to have a girl for so long,” she told Closer magazine in January.

Danielle Lloyd and Michael O'Neill
Danielle Lloyd with Michael O’Neill (Credit: Instagram @missdlloyd)

“It’s my dream and I’m not going to give up. Hopefully it will happen by the end of the year.”

She also told Reveal magazine that flying abroad to have the treatment would be “nerve-wracking” and insisted it was a decision she’d made after thorough research.

“I’ll have to go through IVF and there’s no guarantees it will work,” she said.

“It can be really tough, it’s not an easy treatment for any woman to go through. I won’t be taking it lightly.”

Danielle Lloyd and her mum appear on Lorraine earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

“It’s about having that mix and bringing up a little girl,” Danielle reflected during yet another interview on BBC Radio 5 Live. 

“I know she might not be ‘girlie’ – she probably won’t be with four brothers – but it’s just about having a little mini-me almost.”

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