Danielle Lloyd reveals concerns over son’s mental health, as ex Jamie O’Hara pleads for access

Jamie has accused Danielle of stopping him seeing their three sons

Earlier this week footballer Jamie O’Hara took to twitter to plead with ex-wife, Danielle Lloyd, for access to their three children.

But Lloyd, who recently welcomed her fourth son, has now revealed her concerns over the mental health of her oldest son, Archie, as she hits back at Jamie’s accusations.

Danielle claims Jamie is “fully aware” of what is going on with his son.

Jamie made a public plea to ask Danielle to allow him access to their three boys (Credit: Instagram)

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Jamie tweeted on Wednesday: “@MissDlloyd can you please let me see my boys, why are you doing this to them? I love them and miss them. I don’t want to go back to court.”

The reality star continued: “Just a dad who wants to see his children try and deal with this on a daily basis and see how it feels.

“I don’t have a bottomless pit of money.

“What I’d be ashamed at is there mum not letting me see there dad.

“I have a court order to see them on my weekends I’ve not seen them for a month, what about my special time with them.”



As reported by the Mail Online, Lloyd’s representatives have stated that her main concern is “the safety and welfare of the children,” claiming O’Hara is fully aware of the situation.

“Their mental health is her utmost concern and she refuses to risk that deteriorating any further than it already has, particularly with their eldest son Archie,” Lloyd’s rep said.

“Danielle will not make any other comment on this private situation.”

The former Miss Great Britain has just given birth to her fourth child, her first with fiancé Michael O’Neill, and has been fighting her own wars on social media.

Following Chanelle Hayes criticism of Cheryl’s post baby body, Lloyd took to Instagram to urge people to stop judging each other.

Appearing on This Morning, Chanelle took issue with Cheryl publicly flaunting her figure so soon after giving birth.

Danielle recently hit back at people criticising new mum’s post-baby bods (Credit: Instagram)

She claimed the singer’s appearance made it difficult for other new mums to feel comfortable with their bodies.

“She has all that money and her mum’s there all the time to look after the baby while she does a million crunches,” said the reality star. “I don’t think it’s fair – it’s put me off her.”

In response, Danielle posted a picture of herself, one week after the birth of her son.

And she looks pretty incredible!

“There’s been a lot in the press this week about what mums who have recently given birth are ‘supposed’ to look like. I had my baby one week ago, and this is me. Simply me,” Lloyd wrote, alongside the picture.

“I’ve had no time to go to the gym or diet in a week, of course I’ve been with my newborn. But should I really be ashamed of how I look for fear of judgement? Aren’t we just all sick of judging each other?

Danielle has since welcomed her fourth son, her first with fiance Michael (Credit: Instagram)

“Whether you’re Cheryl, Chanelle Hayes or Serena Williams – should any of us even be worrying about what people think of our bodies after bringing a new life into the world?

“I’ve had four children and I’d never dream of sneering at another mum’s body.

“Let’s all start focusing on what’s REALLY important, looking after our kids.”

Lloyd has been seen out with her four sons, and fiancé O’Neill, in the days since the new arrival.

Meanwhile, O’Hara is still being kept away, claiming his ex-wife has a vendetta against him, and is deliberately withdrawing his access.

Jamie and Danielle were married for two years but split in 2014 (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Lloyd’s representatives have told the Mail Online that it is O’Hara’s failure to keep to the agreed schedule that had caused the separation.

“Jamie O’Hara was unable to keep to the arrangements that had been made of his own accord, arrangements which are bound by a court agreement and are in place to achieve stability and safety for their children,” the spokesperson said.