Danielle Lloyd put son, nine, in therapy after divorce from Jamie O’Hara

It was a tough time

Danielle Lloyd said she sought help from a therapist for her son after her divorce.

When she split from footballer Jamie O’Hara, little Archie showed signs of anxiety.

And she said speaking to a professional really helped the boy to open up about his feelings.

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Danielle has three children with Jamie – Archie, who is now nine, George, six, and Harry, eight.

She also has a son, Ronnie, with husband Michael O’Neill, who she married last year.

Opening up

Danielle made the frank confession on Loose Women.

“I’d noticed Archie wasn’t able to speak to me properly and I think that was due to me and his dad splitting up.

“He bottled a lot up,” she said.

“I could tell with his behaviour that something wasn’t right.

“As kids you think you can talk to your mum and dad, but there are some things you actually can’t, because you don’t want to upset your mum and you don’t want to upset your dad.”

Danielle Lloyd has praised husband Micheal O’Neill for treating all her boys equally (Credit: Cover Images)

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Danielle and Jamie married in 2012 and split up just two years later when it emerged he’d cheated on her a number of times.

She believes it had a serious impact on Archie’s wellbeing.

At the time, he had to sleep with the light on and was always worried about her leaving the house.

The model continued: “I thought, I’ve got to do something aout this, I can’t let him struggle and let it all build up inside.

Critical to her decision was her own experience with therapy.

As she waited until “later in life” to get support, the process was much harder, she said.

“Speaking about his feelings and speaking to someone from the outside really has helped him understand and know that although we’re not together anymore it’s OK because we still both love him,” she summed up.

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