Danielle Lloyd hits back at trolls who targeted her baby son

Calm down people, it's just an apostrophe...

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Uploading a cute pic of her barely two-month-old son in his sweet little baby vest, Danielle Lloyd probably had no idea that cruel trolls would feel compelled to comment.

Because, like, WHO says anything negative about a newborn baby?

Well people did – and it was all because of little Ronnie’s onesie.

And not only were the fashion police out in force, but they had brought along the grammar cops, too.

Ronnie looks unfazed by his punctuation faux pas Credit: Instagram/Danielle Lloyd

Danielle and fiancé Michael O’Neill welcomed 8lb 12oz baby Ronnie in early September, and his big brothers, Archie, Harry and George, are Danielle’s three sons from her marriage to footballer Jamie O’Hara.

The model already courted controversy over her newborn when she joked about the nipper’s name in a magazine interview, quipping ‘Now we just need a Reggie and we’ll have our two little Krays’ (Ronnie was in fact named after late grandfather).

So what was the problem this time round? Well Ronnie’s all-in-one had the phrase ‘My brother’s love me’ on it – and the Instagram rozzers just could not cope with that misplaced apostrophe.

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‘Cute pic but sack the spell checker’, wrote one ‘fan’, while another quipped ‘I would really have the hump at something misspelled on clothing’.

But a comment reading ‘Gotta be scouse grammar that – learn to spell love’ must have really hit a nerve back at Lloyd HQ, because Danielle’s mum, the not-to-be-messed with ‘Mamma J Lloyd’, hit straight back with some hard hitting chat: ‘It was a gift you [expletive]  and don’t [expletive] us scousers!’

Instagram @missdlloyd
Ronnie in happier, less controversial outfit times Credit: Instagram/Danielle Lloyd

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A spokeswoman for Danielle said the reality star and model had received the vest as a ‘kind gift’ from a friend, and that she was ‘very grateful’ for it.

Her rep told the MailOnline: “The baby vest was a kind gift from a friend which Danielle was grateful for.

“Danielle is not shallow enough to reject such a lovely gesture to Ronnie.

“She thinks it’s rude of people to make such a pathetic comment about a present for a baby.”

Quite right too.

Though obviously to keep everyone happy she’ll be consulting the Oxford Guide to English Grammar before dressing Ronnie in anything with a slogan again…

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