dan walker on bbc breakfast

Dan Walker inundated with support after he receives ‘vile insults’ following BBC Breakfast

Poor Dan!

Dan Walker says he was mercilessly trolled on Wednesday after he hosted BBC Breakfast.

Taking to social media, the BBC star, 43, said he had just been the victim of ‘vile insults’.

In view of his some 668,000 Twitter followers, he lamented: “It’s one of those (increasingly common) mornings when all sorts of vile insults and accusations have been thrown around on here. Thanks for watching #BBCBreakfast

“I’m off home to have a slice of cake. I hope you have a lovely day… whatever you’re up to.”

Once back at his Sheffield home, he shared a delicious looking cake in view of his some 148,000 Instagram followers.

dan walker and louise minchin on bbc breakfast
Dan Walker and Louise Minchin on Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast (Credit: BBC)

Why is Dan Walker upset?

Worried fans rushed to reassure Dan and advise him to not to take trolls seriously.

Hence one Twitter user urged: “Twitter isn’t real life @mrdanwalker.

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“The people on here do not represent the vast majority of the U.K., most of whom are kind, decent people. Just remember, you have a good heart and compassion and that’s what counts.”

While another fan encouraged him to find comfort in his pet dog.

dan walker at event
Dan Walker at an event for BT (Credit: SplashNews)

How did Dan’s fans rally around him?

The user advised: “Take your dog for a walk. The world’s a better place when your dog walking. Find a cafe, order some cake and love how your dogs eyes never leave you make you feel better about making their day when you give them a nibble of cake.”

And a third user urged: “We need to show each other love, peace, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, & empathy.
It’s possible to have a difference of opinion without resorting to vitriolic behaviour.

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“If you have got to shouting, name calling, cursing, your argument is lost whether you are right or wrong.”

Fourthly, yet another user suggested: “Don’t take it to heart. People are just frustrated, scared and angry so they look for any target. You just happen to be there in front of them on the telly.”

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What happened on BBC Breakfast?

However, Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast, Dan covered several controversial issues.

In fact, this included an interview with Environment Secretary George Eustice to discuss the migrant crisis.

Dan started the interview with: “I wanted to start by talking about the deadliest day of attempted channel crossings yesterday,

“The search we understand goes on this morning. We’ve spoken to a number of guests this morning and most recently, the accusation was this is down to a Government failure of policy.”

To which Eustice replied: “Well, look, I don’t accept that. This is a terrible tragedy and obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with those who’d been affected.

Before adding: “This is a terrible phenomenon of people trying to make this dangerous crossing, usually being lured by callous gangs that take their money then send them on a dangerous crossing.”

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