Dan Osborne hits back at trolls who criticised his parenting skills

The former TOWIE star recieved vicious comments after he shared a picture of his daughter

Reality TV star Dan Osborne has been forced to defend his parenting skills after sharing a sweet photo of his daughter Ella.

Dan, 29, likes to often post adorable photos of his children on social media but this time found himself attacked by cruel trolls.

He shared snap of himself and two-year-old daughter Ella as they both enjoyed breakfast together – and it’s super cute!

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He captioned the picture: “Having breakfast with my beautiful little girl this morning before pre school.”

The heartwarming photo racked up 23,750 likes but was also bombarded with comments suggesting Dan should rethink his parenting skills.

Now you’re probably wondering what people were getting so irate about.

Well fans weren’t happy with Ella drinking juice from a bottle, saying it is “bad for her teeth”.

One wrote: “It’s just the sipping of juice through a bottle is bad for her front teeth (speaking as a dental professional). Give her a straw and beaker, less teeth contact.”

Another said: “Drinking juice from a bottle wrecks your teeth.”

“Juice in a bottle – really want to stop that and protect her teeth,” a third added.

A fourth said: “There’s noooo way I’d let my 3 year old drink juice from a bottle! Your teeth are for life they need looking after!”

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But others were much more supportive and defended the star.

One said: “How you all know the bottles not his?? seriously you all need to get out more.”

“Why do people feel the need to comment negativity on anything that is none of your business.. get a life ffs.. this is a lovely photo,” another commented.

Dan also hit back at the trolls stating: “Nothing wrong with the bottle.. and she 2, so to all of you commenting about a bottle, you very sad people should concentrate on your own awful lives.”

Couldn’t agree more!

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