Dan Osborne fires back after being accused of breaking lockdown rules

Dan Osborne hits back at critics after Jacqueline Jossa puppy storm

He revealed the police have been involved

Dan Osborne has hit back at critics who accused him and wife Jacqueline Jossa of breaking lockdown rules to visit a puppy.

Yesterday (February 19) Jacqueline shared an image on her Instagram feed showing her family cuddling an adorable pooch outside a dog breeder’s house.

After she was criticised by fans for breaking the rules, Jacqueline deleted the image.

Dan Osborne fires back after being accused of breaking lockdown rules
Dan Osborne has hit back (Credit: Instagram)

What did Dan Osborne say about the puppy incident?

Taking to his own Instagram feed, 29-year-old Dan shared a video explaining that his job is to deliver prizes up and down the country and that he decided to stop in to visit a puppy he was buying.

It’s rumoured the round trip to Yorkshire took around eight hours from their Essex home.

“We thought on our way back we’d stop and see our puppy, so my family have come to work with me,” he said.

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“[We were] sitting in my own car with the same people that I live with and spend every day with, so there is absolutely no problem, not causing any harm to anyone else.

“Now if I did just go and buy a big dog and didn’t meet it and had it in the house with the kids without meeting it I would then get stick and people saying: ‘Why are you buying a Rottweiler without letting it see your kids first?'”

Dan Osborne told the trolls where to go (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Dan said he ‘can’t win in this situation’

He added: “So I can’t win in this situation.”

Dan also revealed that police have investigated the situation.

“We didn’t come in contact with any other human being, went outside, looked at a puppy and then drove home. We were in a car, we are not causing any problem to anyone else.

There is no problem with what I did.

“There is no problem with what I did… I don’t know why [company] Total K9 have had the police down there, it’s ridiculous.”

He also blasted those who sent Jacqueline and his family abuse, telling them that they could “go [bleep] themselves”.

Dan added: “You don’t know me. You wouldn’t say it to my face so don’t say it over social media.”

A couple of hours later he took to his Stories again to “apologise” for his “terrible language”.

“I’m not proud of it but I’m only human,” he added.

ED! has contacted Dan’s reps for a comment on this story.

Dan Osborne fires back after being accused of breaking lockdown rules
The Osborne family have been hit hard in recent months (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What happened to Dan’s nan?

Dan knows full well the value of lockdown rules and the seriousness of coronavirus from bitter personal experience.

Earlier this month, he revealed that his beloved nan had died after contracting the killer bug.

He said on Instagram: “Can’t believe after all these years on this planet, we lost you to this virus.

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“It’s only been a few days and grandad misses you like mad.”

“It sucks, this virus. Anyone with old people in your life, just be extra careful. Take caution.

“My nan was fine a week and a half ago and now she’s not with us. It hasn’t even sunk in yet.”

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