Dan Osborne focuses on kids amid marriage claims

He's been married to former EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa since 2017

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Jacqueline Jossa’s husband Dan Osborne has again lashed out at reports concerning their alleged marital woes.

The former TOWIE star took to Instagram overnight to unleash his annoyance over all the ongoing speculation, and told fans he’s focusing on his children.

He told followers that Ella, three, and Teddy, four, are his “world”.

Instagram @danosborneofficial
Dan with his son Teddy and daughter Ella (Credit: Instagram @danosborneofficial)

Alongside a photo of Ella and Teddy hugging each other, Dan said: “That is what life is all about, being happy, taking care of your children, raising them the best you can and making sure you do everything you can to make sure their beautiful little faces are smiling.”

He added: “Making sure they are always in a happy environment and growing up to be the best people they can be 🙌🏼💙💗 these two little humans are my absolute world!”

Dan shares daughter Ella with Jacqueline, and has son Teddy from his previous relationship.

Jacqueline and Dan pictured at a film premiere earlier this year (Credit: Fameflynet)

Jacqueline is currently 32 weeks pregnant with her and Dan’s second child.

The couple’s marriage has been making headlines for the last few days, but Dan spoke out on Instagram overnight to hit back at much of the speculation.

“Isn’t always nice when your private life is very much the opposite of private… or when people are making up stories about you etc which you know aren’t true but can’t do anything about them… or people judging you, commenting about you etc when they don’t know you… or when people taking pictures of you etc without control..”

The former reality star went on to slam the “non-stop negative” stories being written about him, saying nobody ever wants to write about the positives in life.

Instagram @jacjossa
Dan and Jacqueline married in 2017 (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

He previously slammed claims the rumoured rocky patch was as a result of him working abroad, after it was suggested his recent fitness bootcamp with pals in Marbella had been the issue.

There were also reports – which Dan vehemently denied – that he’d been using Love Island’s Gabby Allen, 25, as a shoulder to cry on amid his alleged marital woes.

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Instagram @danosborneofficial
Dan has said his children are his “world” (Credit: Instagram @danosborneofficial)

Dan’s latest comments come after he took to Twitter last week to deny rumours swirling as to the reason behind his and Jacqueline’s rumoured troubles.

At the time, he told fans: “Whenever a relationship goes through tough times etc.. why is it always the man that gets stick..? When in ‘public eye’, worst part is, the people trying to give me stick etc are people that DO NOT KNOW ME, do not know the situation.. so can please [bleep] off…. appreciated.

“It had absolutely nothing to do with me working away, going away anywhere or anything to do with me having a laugh with friends on a boat… Suppose it makes an interesting read for the viewers though eh.”


The boat comment was in response to photos showing him sharing a laugh with Love Island’s Gabby while with a group of pals on a yacht in Marbella.

Jacqueline, meanwhile, appeared on ITV’s Loose Women on Friday, where she briefly touched on the reports but did not dwell on them.

“I’m good, honestly I am fine,” she said.

“I think when stuff goes on at home it’s not normal to be everywhere, and also it’s not necessarily true or the reasons why you’re not getting on at the moment.”

Jacqueline appeared on Loose Women on Friday (Credit: ITV)

She reiterated: “I’m all good.”

Jacqueine had previously tweeted: “No one needs to comment and get involved in things they don’t know anything about.

“Daniel and I are dealing with things privately as a team, there is always 2 sides to every story. Stop with the nasty comments, no one deserves them. Trust me. Privacy please x.”

Jacqueline and Dan married in 2017.

Instagram @jacjossa
Jacqueline with daughter Ella (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Just two weeks ago, Jacqueline told Closer mag that she and Dan are stronger than ever.

“It’s hard when people are talking about your relationship and speculating, and you know none of it is true. But I’ve grown a thick skin to it. People will always want to say their bit, but we know we’re happy and that’s all that matters.”

Jacqueline added that she and Dan are focused on their children, calling Dan an “incredible” father.

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