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Dame Barbara Windsor once issued with death threat from the Kray twins, new documentary reveals

Sounds rather intense!

Dame Barbara Windsor once received a death threat from the Kray twins, a new documentary claims.

The infamous East London gangsters were reportedly furious that a Barbara Windsor film was being filmed on their “territory”.

And they warned that the production crew should have asked them for permission to film.

kray twins
The Kray twins were notorious London gangsters (Credit: YouTube)

What did Ronnie and Reggie say?

In the upcoming documentary Secrets of The Krays, which will be on BritBox, the incident is described.

The twin brothers reportedly turned up at the set of Sparrows Can’t Sing in 1963.

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Flanked by a fleet of limousines, they confronted the production team.

Assistant director Peter Medak, 82, says in the documentary: “These two guys [Ronnie and Reggie Kray] came over and said to me: ‘Who gave you permission to shoot here? Because nobody asked us.’

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“I said: ‘Obviously the police, because we have permission for filming in all the streets of the East End.’

“And they said: ‘Nobody asked us and you could get into big trouble.

“I said: ‘Like what?’ and they said: ‘Like getting killed.'”

Barbara Windsor book of condolences set up by husband
Dame Barbara Windsor grew close to the Kray family (Credit: SplashNews)

Did Dame Barbara Windsor date the Kray twins?

However, this rift was short-lived, as the Krays went on to form a friendship with Barbara.

And they even bought all the cast and crew drinks when filming wrapped.

But the producers apparently had to make “a deal” with the Krays first.

What’s more, Barbara reportedly dated Reggie Kray and also his older brother Charlie.

Her affair with Charlie went on for a rumoured six months, while her fling with Reggie was allegedly no more than a one-night-stand.

Barbara Windsor
Barbara was famous for her Carry On roles and for starring in EastEnders (Credit: SplashNews)

In her 2000 autobiography, Barbara writes that Charlie was drawn to her down-to-earth personality.

She explained: “I was an ordinary, down-to-earth girl with no airs and graces who enjoyed a nice chat.”

When did Dame Barbara die?

Barbara sadly died in December of last year, aged 83.

She’s been battling Alzheimer’s for years, having first being diagnosed in 2014.

The former EastEnders actress left behind her third husband of 20 years, Scott Mitchell.

He went on raise over £150,000 in funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK in Barbara’s honour.

A few weeks after her passing, he said: “The last few weeks have been some of the toughest of my life. But the number of tributes and donations made to Alzheimer’s Research UK in memory of Barbara have blown me away and brought me real comfort.

“These donations have been made at a time when the pandemic has created so much uncertainty for people. It just shows how much my Barbara meant to people and how important the work of Alzheimer’s Research UK is to so many.”

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