Cult Channel 4 show to return with Hollywood star?

This might be the most exciting comeback since, er, Steps

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It’s as synonymous with the early noughties as Hotmail, Suzanne Shaw doing Bridge Over Troubled Water on Popstars, and playing Snake on your Nokia.

And Queer as Folk – the iconic channel 4 show about three gay men on the Manchester club scene – could be about to make a comeback.

The drama was groundbreaking (Credit: Channel 4)

One of the stars of the show, Charlie Hunnam – who recently starred in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – played schoolboy Nathan Maloney in the show and says he’d be well up for making a return.

The 37 year-old told The Sun: “I’d be game for a reunion. It’s a long time ago, I’m old now — that was 20 years ago.”

You can currently see Charlie at the cinema in King Arthur (Credit: Warner Bros)

His Queer as Folk co-star Aidan Gillen also starred in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, so the two had a chance to catch up about the old days.

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“I always felt like I owed him a grand debt of gratitude,” Charlie added. “I really thanked him for the impact he had on me. He thought I was mad but I felt it deeply.”

Charlie, who also starred as Jax in biker drama Sons of Anarchy, went on to tell The Sun: “When I’m back in England, people still recognise me as Nathan.

Charlie in Sons of Anarchy (Credit: FX)

“It was the beginning of my career, so I have very fond memories of it.

“I’m very proud of being a part of that show. I’m very happy when people bring it up.

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“I’m just surprised because it was so long ago.”

Two series were made of Queer As Folk, in 1999 and 2000, as well as a US version and the show was credited as being important and groundbreaking for its portrayal of the lives of gay men on mainstream TV.

Aidan and Charlie worked together on King Arthur (Credit: Channel 4)

The show came off air 17 years ago but we’re more than ready for its comeback. And while we’re at it, can someone put a call in to Suzanne Shaw?

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