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Thursday 6th August 2020

Cruz Beckham, 12, has fans worried as he posts video of himself in the gym

Weight a minute...

When your dad is famous for having one of the most lusted-after physiques in the world, it must be hard to live in that shadow.

And it looks like that shadow has even extended as far as 12-year-old Cruz Beckham.

He's posted a video on Instagram that appears to show him bench-pressing a heavy set of weights, and it's got fans worried.

Cruz lifting weights (Credit: Instagram)

The video seems to show the 12-year-old pumping out four reps of an extremely heavy weight - with four 10kg plates on the bar, which is heavy by itself.

And he captioned it: "No gains with @chasenfitness @brooklynbeckham and @danieldarri55"

But despite the heavy weights, the youngster appears to complete his workout with ease.

Fans have urged Cruz not to focus too much on this exercise due to his tender years.

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One wrote: "Isn't he too young to lift weights?" and another said: "U R too young to do this."

A third simply asked Cruz to stay young a little longer, and "enjoy life as a kid."

Isn't he too young to lift weights?

However, eagle-eyed viewers did spot that Cruz wasn't doing all the work himself - brother Brooklyn and another friend were pulling up the sides of the bar, making Cruz appear much stronger than he really is.

Cruz had a helping hand, as you can see in the reflection (Credit: Instagram)

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The cheeky 12-year old has amassed nearly a million followers on Instagram, and recently amused with his post poking fun at mum Victoria's "leg in the air" pose.

Victoria went viral with this image (Credit: Instagram)

Which Cruz cheekily tried to emulate (Credit: Instagram)

So luckily it seems that Cruz isn't hitting the heavy weights just yet - unlike beefy big bro Brooklyn. We're sure it's just a matter of time though!