Cringe! You will not believe that Ed Sheeran actually did this!

Long before he was famous, the chart topping ginger pop prince took part in a very embarrassing TV show!

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What do we know about Ed Sheeran?

He’s ginger, hugely successful and has managed to fill the pop parade with loads of his songs all at once, hardly giving any one else a look in.

Everywhere you look these days, you see his big ginger face staring out at you or hear his catchy ditties blaring out of a radio somewhere.

The world is obsessed! And rightfully so!

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Ed Sheeran is and deserves to be the biggest, coolest star in the world.

But did you know that long before he was hanging out with Taylor Swift and being considered the coolest cat around, he like many pop wannabes, tried his luck by audtitioning for a tacky telly show.

Almost ten years ago, a gawkier looking Ed appeared in the audition stages for short lived ITV musical drama, Britannia High.

In a clip that can be found online, Ed can be seen auditioning for a panel of judges including ex-Strictly judge and legendary choreographer Arlene Phillips.

To start with, he excelled as he performed a sing on his guitar, but when his asked to show the judges his dance moves to Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love You, well…. It wasn’t pretty!

In fact, his oddball, awkward moves are a sight to see, but left the judges – in particular Arlene – cold. She sniped: “Not even an option!”, adding “Eventually we’re going to have to find some people who can dance.”

Sadly – or fortunately for the rest of us – Ed didn’t make it far in the show, which like Glee focused on a bunch of  talented teenagers who hurts into song.

In fact, the show was a massive flop for ITV, so Ed not making the final cast cut was probably a lucky let down.

And we reckon Ed’s not looking back in anger.

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At just 25, Sheeran has sold millions of records worldwide and was, in 2016, worth an estimated $43.9 million.

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