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COVID travel test: Tests to be made compulsory ‘for some’ for entry into the UK

Brits say the new proposals don't go far enough

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People entering the UK will have to take a COVID test and show a negative result before they are allowed to travel into the country, it has been reported.

The government is set to finally introduce mandatory COVID tests for UK-bound travellers.

It comes nine months after the travel industry started calling for testing to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Now, with a third lockdown upon the country, it appears a negative coronavirus test result is set to be a condition of entry – for some, at least…

person in an airport with a case
Foreigners arriving in the UK will have to produce a negative COVID test, it’s been reported (Credit: Pexels)

Who will have to take a COVID travel test?

PCR tests will have to be taken no more than 72 hours before entry into the UK.

Certificates showing negative results will need to be produced before people are able to board trains, ferries or planes bound for the UK.

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However, it may only be mandatory for foreigners.

Exempting residents is silly – they’ll be a greater risk of passing it on domestically than visitors.

It’s thought that British nationals and those resident in the UK will be exempt.

While the testing brings the country into line with many other countries, hardly any exempt their own citizens from the travel test.

Michael Gove smiling
Michael Gove said a statement was expected imminently (Credit: Splash News)

‘Nobody should be travelling aborad’

Michael Gove revealed: “We’ll be making announcements later today and in the days ahead about how our ports and airports are safe.”

Gove also said the government is considering closing Britain’s borders to most international travel.

“And it is already the case there are restrictions on people coming into this country and we’re stressing nobody should be travelling abroad.”

It’s thought the government could also introduce a requirement for people to be tested on arrival in the UK.

In his press conference today, Boris Johnson bumbled his way through an answer to a question about the proposed testing.

He said: “We will be bringing in measures to, erm, ensure we test people coming into this country and, erm, prevent the virus from being readmitted.”

British Airways plane
It’s thought that British residents won’t be tested upon re-entry into the country (Credit: Pexels)

What do Brits think about the new proposals?

Brits have reacted angrily to the news, with many saying the new rules should’ve been brought in way before now.

“It’s weak and useless,” said one.

“The UK borders should be closed, they should have been closed all last year.

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“It is insane that we continue to allow people to fly in untested, and do not require mandatory quarantine,” they added.

“Exempting residents is silly – they’ll be a greater risk of passing it on domestically than visitors,” said another.

“If they’re going to do this they should do it properly.”

“This should have been done March last year. I arrived back into the UK March 2020 expecting to have temperature checks, questions where have we been, but instead we walked through freely and saw one sign that said if you feel unwell isolate,” another stated.

“No one should be travelling abroad and anyone arriving should be quarantined on arrival. It’s not a hard concept to grasp,” said another.

“Anything short of that just helps spread the virus.”

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