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COVID news: Scientist issues stark warning amid claims UK pandemic is OVER

It's now an endemic – but what is that?

The UK has been given the good news that the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

A leading scientist at Oxford University has claimed Britain has now moved into an “endemic situation”.

It comes amid news vaccines have cut symptomatic infections by 90% and coronavirus has dropped to England’s third biggest killer.

person getting a cove jab
The vaccine rollout has helped end the pandemic, a scientist has claimed (Credit: Pexels)

COVID news: What is an endemic?

It’s widely believed that COVID-19 will never be entirely eradicated.

Instead, it will become endemic.

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This means it’ll continue to circulate in pockets of the global population for years to come.

This in turn will cause outbreaks in regions where it had been eliminated.

As an example, chickenpox is classed as an endemic.

Speaking on This Morning, Deborah Meaden warned: “We may be over the pandemic but the rest of the world isn’t.

“If we want to start interacting with the rest of the world we need to hang on in there and carry on taking a lot of precautions.”

woman wearing a face mask
There are warnings that the UK is just a ‘small step’ away from things going wrong again, though (Credit: Pexels)

What are the top three biggest killers in England?

For the first time in six months, COVID-19 has dropped to the country’s third biggest killer.

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s and heart disease take the top two spots.

We may be over the pandemic but the rest of the world isn’t.

Coronavirus has slipped to third.

So how well are the vaccines working?

Just one dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca jab leads to a two-thirds drop in cases, while two doses of Pfizer offer a 70% reduction in all cases and 90% in symptomatic cases.

Professor Sarah Walker is one of the chief investigators on a new study led by the University of Oxford and the Office for National Statistics.

She told the Telegraph: “Without vaccines, I don’t think getting close to zero is really feasible in the situation now in the UK where we’re effectively endemic, we’ve moved from a pandemic to an endemic situation.

“Long-term lockdown isn’t a viable solution so vaccines are clearly going to be the only way that we are going to have a chance to control this.”

However, she did speak of “challenges” the country faced if it encounters “curveballs” suffered in places such as Canada, India and Brazil.

She added: “So I think we’re always looking at one small step away from potential for things to go wrong again.”

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