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COVID lockdown rules: Police vow to get tough with rule breakers as fines issued and arrests made

Four pals headed to McDonald's were slapped with £800 fine

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It’s most definitely a good idea to stick to the new COVID lockdown rules – not least for fear of spreading the deadly virus.

As we all know, England was this week slammed into its third full lockdown.

And this time around the police are super-keen to enforce it.

person not wearing a mask in a shop
People not wearing masks in shops will be issued with a £200 fine (Credit: Pexels)

How will police make sure people stick to the COVID lockdown rules?

Already this week fines have been issued, people have been arrested and anti-maskers have been threatened with £200 fines.

Yesterday (January 6), London’s Met Police arrested 28 anti-lockdown protestors for flouting the new COVID lockdown rules.

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They now face fines of up to £6,400.

In Northampton, a car carrying four men was pulled over in the early hours of this morning.

Police discovered the group of friends were on their way to McDonald’s.

There are not enough police to issue fines to all the people out on the roads and streets. What lockdown?!

And, because they were from different households, they were slapped with an £800 fine.

The Met also announced that anyone found not wearing a mask in a shop or on public transport would be issued with a £200 fine.

The penalties won’t be given out on the spot, however.

Instead, offenders will be given time to provide a note from their doctor, proving they are exempt from wearing one.

police stopping a car
Police have been stopping people in cars and asking where they are going (Credit: Peter Morrison/AP/Shutterstock)

Police can stop you outside the supermarket

However, one officer took things a little too far and his police force has now apologised for his actions.

An officer from Thames Valley Police – who has been deemed a “bit keen” – was reprimanded after handing out leaflets asking drivers why they were outdoors.

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It was headed: “Why are you here today?” and went on to explain the new Government restrictions on travel.

Police have also been given the go-ahead to quiz drivers outside supermarkets and people sitting on park benches.

And the powers are something Priti Patel has said she backs.

The Home Secretary said it was “right” for police to approach people sitting on park benches.

She added that she backed officers asking people why they are outside and “explain to them they should not necessarily be out unless it was for key reasons”.

people in a group in a park
If you’re out in a group, prepare to be stopped by the police (Credit: Pexels)

Brits react to the new COVID lockdown rules

Brits welcomed the news on Twitter, with some saying forces should’ve got tough long before now.

“It should have been done from the beginning of pandemic.” said one Brit.

Another revealed worries about police numbers.

There are not enough police to issue fines to all the people out on the roads and streets. What lockdown?!” they said.

Another “sensed” things would go one step further.

Honestly can sense Military Police coming in to back up the police force soon to help keep lockdown under control and then issue out more fines to people who are breaking lockdown rules,” they posted on Twitter.

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