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COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Jab for a job’ slammed as ministers reveal bosses can demand staff have jab

Employees have a duty to protect themselves and others

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Your employer could legally demand that you get the COVID-19 vaccine, Government ministers have revealed.

With the roll-out well underway in the UK, Brits have been invited to have the coronavirus vaccine – and can decide not to, if they so wish.

However, MPs have now said that employers can demand staff members have the vaccine.

And it’s all because employees have a duty to protect themselves and others under health and safety laws.

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Your employer could demand that you have the COVID-19 vaccine (Credit: Pexels)

What have MPs said about bosses enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine?

The issue has apparently divided Whitehall, according to the Telegraph.

Companies that want to extend their health and safety policy to insist all staff are vaccinated against the virus can apparently adopt a “jab for a job” approach.

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The government source revealed: “Health and safety laws say you have to protect other people at work, and when it becomes about protecting other people the argument gets stronger.

‘Jab for jobs’ is totally wrong on all fronts.

“If there is clear evidence that vaccines prevent transmission, the next stage is to make sure more and more people are taking up the vaccine.”

Those with a medical reason for not having a the vaccine should be exempt from the scheme, the source added.

covid-19 vaccine
The vaccine roll-out is well underway (Credit: PinPep/Shutterstock)

What would happen at a tribunal?

While you’d think employers could run into problems if they sack those who do not have the vaccine, previous employment tribunals don’t appear to suggest as much.

The paper reports that previous tribunals of staff who have been dismissed for failing to isolate with an infectious disease have been ruled in favour of the employer.

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Employment lawyers have advised employers, however, to consult employees about having the COVID-19 vaccine, instead of enforcing it.

Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins is just one employer who has revealed he is looking to adopt a “jabs for jobs” scheme.

He’s been consulting lawyers in a bid to make vaccines compulsory for all new hires.

He is also said to be looking at how to modify existing staff contracts.

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Bosses could enforce a ‘jab for jobs’ scheme (Credit: Pexels)

How have Brits reacted to the news?

It’s fair to say Brits are divided over the news.

Many declared it was “wrong”.

“WRONG! And what next? Lose your job becuase you refuse to submit to a medical procedure but can’t claim unemployment becuase ‘you’ve made yourself intentionally jobless’? THIS IS WRONG!” slammed one.

“‘Jab for jobs’ is totally wrong on all fronts,” said another.

“If my boss wants me vaccinated or demands testing, my boss will be advertising for a new job as I’ll be resigning!” another stated.

“I’ll let the court decide thanks,” said another.

Some were all for the proposals, though.

“Sick pay should be dependant on whether a person has refused a vaccine or not,” one commented.

“Good – we need these new laws. Otherwise people won’t listen. Make it the law and all problems solved,” said another.

“No jab, no job, no excuse. That’s it,” another stated.

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