Countdown stuns fans when it goes X rated!

Cheeky, cheeky!

When a rude word appears on the Countdown board it’s not only host Nick Hewer and his co-presenters Rachel Riley and Susie Dent who fall about laughing.

In Thursday’s edition of the show, we had a proper giggle when Susie not only came up with what was a very rude word, but was also a swear word!

Nick told the Dictionary Corner stalwart to “wash your mouth out with soap” after she revealed the word she’d found in the jumbled up letters.

Contestants were faced with the challenge of creating a word out of the letters MTHIAEDHS.

Susie spotted what word could be made if you swapped the letters around, and told everyone:

“I apologise for this one in advance, it’s in the dictionary.

“We’re only saying this because it gets you one letter further, but it’s ‘s***head’. I apologise.”

The show then cut to Rachel with the word spelled out, but had blanked out two of the letters with pooh emojis!

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It’s not the first time Countdown has run into trouble with it’s conundrums, having previously spelt out words such a ‘bumhole’:

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And ‘todgers’!

Talk about turning the telly blue!

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