Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Could YOU Beat The Chasers? Take the quiz and find out

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ITV has launched Beat the Chasers, an new spin on its popular quiz show The Chase.

Airing every night this week, the five part series will flip the usual format on its head and pit brave members of the public against the combined might of the chasers.

Beat the Chasers
Beat the Chasers is on all week (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

“Thousands of people have battled the chaser,” host Bradley Walsh explains in the new series. “But now for the first time ever, all five chasers have formed the greatest quiz team on the planet.”

With Zoom quizzes now a regular form of virtual social gathering for many UK families, you might feel as though you’ve brushed up on your own general knowledge in recent weeks.

Here are a selection of questions used on The Chase over the years for you to test your own quizzing skills. Would you have what it takes to beat the chasers?

Beat the Chasers
Think you could take on the chasers? (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

1) Which of these TV comedies is American?

A) The Inbetweeners

B) Friday Night Dinner

C) Modern Family

2) The Latin expression ‘tempus fugit’ means what?

A) Tempers born

B) Time flies

C) Love is temporary

Paul Sinha on The Chase
Paul Sinha features in the new series alongside his fellow chasers Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan (Credit: ITV)

3) In the novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Nathaniel Hawthorne, what does the scarlet ‘A’ stand for?

A) Adultery

B) Assassin

C) Arsonist

4) Which comedian had a chart hit in the ’60s with ‘Don’t Jump Off the Roof, Dad?’

A) Benny Hill

B) Tommy Cooper

C) Frankie Howerd

5) Which artist painted the Pop Art work called ‘Whaam!’?

A) Andy Warhol

B) Richard Hamilton

C) Roy Lichtenstein

6) Which of these films was first released most recently?

A) Joe Versus the Volcano

B) Kramer vs. Kramer

C) Monsters vs. Aliens

Anne Hegerty
ITV has flipped the format around for the new series, Beat the Chasers (Credit: ITV)

7) The name Lucifer means ‘bringer of…’ what?

A) Light

B) Love

C) Lies

8) In 1987, student Mike Hayes crowdfunded his college education by collecting just one cent each from how many people?

A) 28,000

B) 280,000

C) 2.8million

9) Which country did England beat 4-3 on penalties to reach the quarter finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

A) Argentina

B) Brazil

C) Colombia

10) According to the title of the 2017 film, the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ is set in what year?

A) 2019

B) 2049

C) 2099

Scroll on for the answers!

Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-A, 4-B, 5-C, 6-C, 7-A, 8-C, 9-C, 10-B

Beat the Chasers is on at 9pm every evening this week on ITV

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